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Billbaord cafe'

No description

Chalita Leethong

on 27 June 2016

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Transcript of Billbaord cafe'

Why people choose our coffee?
"Organic products"
Theme cafe'
Billboard café
Then, why don't you want to be the part of our success?
more choices
over 20 flavors in both "hot" and "cold" beverages which contain lots of healthy ingredients.
Nutritional Benefits

Malt extract beverages, especially powdered varieties, contain vitamins B2, B3, B6 and B12, iron, zinc, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus, as well as some amino acids that can be used by your body to build protein, as detailed in the book "Superfoods: The Healthiest Foods on the Planet" by Tonia Reinhard. Drinking malt extract beverages at night might help you get to sleep more easily because of the mineral content, which relaxes your muscles.

Read more: http://www.livestrong.com/article/497215-the-benefits-of-malt-extract-beverages/#ixzz2gQuFa5Un
Mix berries
Research Articles on Health Benefits of Berries

Researches have identified significant health benefit of berry fruits. They are high in antioxidant activity and total phenolic content, and have functions of anti-aging, anti-cancer, and anti-heart disease. This site lists recent literatures in berry health benefit related studies. You may click on the following link to read more about antioxidant and phenolic content and specific disease prevention functions.

Avocado Health Benefits

Eating avocados regularly has many health benefits including a healthier heart, better skin, helping you lose weight and treating or avoiding serious health problems like diabetes and arthritis.

Oat Beta Glucans Improve Immune System Defenses

Italian researchers reviewed existing research about the positive effects of beta glucans on human health. They found that, in addition to reducing cholesterol and blunting glycemic and insulin response, beta glucans boost defenses of the immune system agains bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites.
Minerva Medica, June 2009; 100(3):237-45

Tea protects against cancer.

Thank the polyphenols, the antioxidants found in tea, once again for their cancer-fighting effects. While the overall research is inconclusive, there are enough studies that show the potential protective effects of drinking tea to make adding tea to your list of daily beverages.

*Coffee malt
*Hot chocco malt
*Latte malt
*malt smoothy
*cold coffee malt
*Hot choc berry
*coffee berry
*berry smoothy
*choco mix berries
*avocado smoothy
*Hot oat coffee
*Hot oat chocolate
*cold oat coco
*Hot green tea
*hot chocolate green tea
*Chai tea / earl grey
*green tea smoothy

We will be the only themed café in Melbourne City. we will create the theme cafe' which use many of the universal characters for advertise and change the theme every 4 months. It could interested people. For the beginning we will use the theme "minion"
Advantages – The Billboard Café is the first movie themed café in Australia. We have a competitive advantage because most of the café in Australia such as Starbucks which only sell coffee, cakes and pastries with simple and classic theme and not a movie theme like our café where we follow the latest trend.

Capabilities – Since the billboard café is the first movie themed café in Australia, we consider ourselves as unique. Our movie themed café basically have waiter and waitresses dressed up as the movie character, based on what movie is most popular listed in the billboard. (For example, if Batman was listed 1st in the billboard, our waiter and waitresses will dress up as Batman, Robin, Joker, etc.)We have a wide range of coffee such as café latte, espresso, cappuccino, etc. and the coffee beans we used are Arabica and Robusta coffee beans.

Resources, Assets and People – We used high quality ingredients as well as the latest coffee machines to make coffee and we will do a maintenance check on every machine once in a while to ensure the machine is in good condition. Every employee in our café has either a certificate of coffee making skills or certificate of hospitality in customer service, and thus they have the ability to explain each type of coffee to every customer when they are asked to recommend coffee to the customers. Every worker are undergo training to be polite towards the customer and develop good attitude before they start their work.

Marketing – Our unique selling point is our café have special themed with latest movie character costumes and various kind of coffee. Besides, people can create their own flavour of coffee they like. The price of the coffee is not really expensive as we managed to find a supplier who can sell us the ingredients at a price lower than the market price.
* The Billboard Café will be located in the Central Business District (CBD) area, thus our shop may have to pay a high rent to open for business. Rents for shops in the CBD area are usually higher because there are more people in the city area as compared to suburb, thus businesses are expected to have more customers in the city and pay off the high rent every month.

* Our business may have cash flow problems if we keep on allowing customers pay by credit card. It may be difficult for us to give small changes to customers or make payment to supplier who only accepts cash.

* The Billboard Café could be sued and close down due to copyright infringement of movies, as we are opening the café using movie themes without the permission of the production team of the movies.

* We may not have lots of customer because our café is new as not everyone is a fan of a movie and they may not like the theme of the movie we use. The Billboard may have shown the top movie for the season, but not everyone may agree that it is the best movie.

* There are limited number of skilled and experienced employee, especially Baristas who can do Latte art to attract more customers.

Solutions for Weakness:

* High rental cost: We will find a lower rent in the city through the internet, or we can also find a supplier who can supply us with high quality ingredients but at a lower price so we could save enough money to pay off monthly rent.

* Cash flow problem: We should put up a notice at the cashier that we only accept card if the cost went over $50.

* Copyright infringement: Our business will send a representative take a trip to movie studios and get permission from them to open up a café related to their copyright movies, by signing license with movie producers.

* Unpopularity: We will do a survey and find out what is the most favoured movie for the people who lives around the CBD area. From there, we can find out what movie theme should we use for our café.

* Limited skilled employee: We will train every employees who are inexperienced and try to find skilled and experienced employee by putting up job advertisement in the newspaper, television, radio, internet and even social media such as Facebook or Twitter.
and etc.
As Melbourne experiences 4 seasons it can possibly be very hot or very cold depending on the season

(our understanding)
-When it is too hot people favor cold beverages and hot beverages on a chilly day [body matters survey2012]

To overcome
Depending on the weather we will provide discounts on either hot or cold beverages .This would attract customers to our café .

Also we would be using heaters on cold days for the outdoor seating area potentially when people walk pass and feel the warmth they may consider having a seat and enjoying the warmth
Business information
"To provide best quality organic beverages to the world"

*Setting up a movie themed café
*The theme will be changed every 4 months
*The theme will be based on the ratings of the best movie on the billboard
*Thus creating a name for our café

kind of business
Partnership ......Why ?
*shared decision making
*additional capital injected by each partner
*each partner can specialize in different areas of business management

All partners are bound by the decision of each other
Unlimited liability ,the partners are personally in debt for the debts of a business

*make decisions after proper discussion with each other
*handle the business carefully following the firms objectives .To ensure the business does not run in a loss
{E.G survival objective for the first few months }

"New technology always gives an upper hand to the competition. Also people may want to try out new places and what they have to offer"

To overcome
*Ensuring our business updates itself with all the new equipment time to time .Thus, remaining with a competitive edge in the industry
*Another important key that we will focus on would be providing state of the art service to our patrons ( service training sessions for employees)
*This will ensure that our customers will feel cozy and comfortable and would potentially want to return to patronize our café

Why we choose those coffee?
* They have been in the industry for almost a decade
* Good quality tea /coffee
* Most importantly it’s a local business in Sydney
* Affordable

*4 ground staff
*1 floor manager
*Prefer university students for the ground staff
*Prefer an experienced manager to help us run the café
*Wages 15$/HR (GROUND STAFF)

-*- All staff will be sent for a service quality workshop to build their skills in the service industry upon joining

staff and wages
competitors analysis
- Established
- Strong branding power
- Strategic location as it can afford expensive rent as it is a muti-national corporation

{E.G It is located along Swanston St. 2 minutes away from the tram stop and has a huge dinning space }

why we are sustainable?
In term of economics
In term of environmental
In term of social
More specialty of Billboard café
COFFEE Flavors

*White chocolate
*Dark chocolate

TEA Flavors

*Masala tea
*Jasmine tea
*White tea
Many more …..
* we will provide some promotions to get the most profits
* we will open more branch in many location
* we will make some ads in many way eg. Television Spot and share on the internet or brochures

and many more...
* we will use the paper bags, cotton bag and also paper cup for containers.

* we will use the organic coffee, tea and many ingredient.

* we will provide some green corner in our shop to make it has more fresh air.

** we will send the coffee, tea or many ingredient garbage to the recycle company so they could produce new product and can save some raw-resources.
* we will provide some promotions for students [eg. buy one get one or 10% discount from 2 pm. to 5 pm.]

* we will support few of small charity organization [eg. donation box]

* we will bring our new staff to the barista school.

* we will make a video to show to the shop monitor about the organic product, some nutrition information to give knowledge to customer.

Expenses in brief
* machines for beginning 20,000$

* hiring staff >> 444$/day (12hrs)>>13,320$/month

* ingredients approximately(include cream and sugar) >> 2000$/day >> 60,000$/month

* bakery >> 300$/day >> 9,000$/month

* shop maintenance >> 1000$/month

* shop rental >> 5000$/month

* Advertising(include theme) >> 2500$/month

* to charity 1000$/month

** total expenses for 1st month = 111,820$
total expenses in every month = 91,820$
income in brief
good weather day
>> 1,200 cups sale + 200 pieces bakery sale >> total income = (8,640 + 800) =
normal weather day
>> 900 cup sale + 150 pieces bakery sale >> total income = (6,480 + 600) =
bad weather day
>> 700 cup sale + 100 pieces bakery sale >> total income = (5,040 + 400) =
Average all kind of weathers in one month equality
>> 10 days good= 94,400$
>> 10 days normal= 70,800$
>> 10 days bad = 54,400$

** total income in one month =
219,600$/month!! = 2,635,200$/year

Outcome in 1st month = 111,820$
Income in 1st month = 219,600$
Profits =
in every month =

in a year =
## 7.2$/cup and 4$/piece of bakery
1st year
** provide many promotion to get the most sale
** open more branch in other states in Australia
5 years plan
**expand the branch to Asia 5 locations eg. Hongkong, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia.
**Make some television advertise
10 years plan
** Has own organic coffee and tea farm
** expand the branch to Urope and many country over the world.
become the best quality organic beverages to the world!!
Growth survival
Thank you for your attention
This is a part of Business studies subject in Foundation course of RMIT(2013)

created by
*Chalita Leethong
*Nakulan Thrumalinggam

design & SWOT analysis & business plan & production

*Eileen Wong
*VaniMaria Bernadette
SWOT analysis
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