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The Communicative Classroom

No description

Nicole Contreras

on 14 October 2014

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Transcript of The Communicative Classroom



Linguistic Competence


Why do we communicate?
Use of language (form-meaning-context)

'It's so hot today.'
'I'll open the window'

'If you'd kindly wait a moment...´
'Hang on a minute.'
Discourse Competence

Activity n°3
Strategic Competence

Describe the picture...
1. Make communication process as natural as possible by practicing. Focus on teaching-learning process.

2. Encourage the learners to experiment and try out what they know.

3. Be tolerant of learners’ errors as they indicate that are building up their communicative competences.

4. Work on many different activities as you can, so they can develop all the competences.

5. Link the different skills such as speaking, reading, writing and listening together.

6. Let students induce or discover grammar rules.
Pragmatic Competence

activity N°2
What are the issues in applying a communicative approach in context?

1. A school culture of teacher-centred classrooms with a focused on the transmit ion of knowledge, will be influenced by the culture and notions of the teacher.

2. The adaptation to innovation. (Not to adapt to innovation.)

3. Not being capable of relating the content with the real world.

4. Limitation in textbooks.
The Communicative Language Ability (also called Communicative competence)

It is a goal in ELT.
We use it to communicate ideas, opinions, etc. (needs)
To acquire, develop, and apply knowledge.
To think and solve problems, etc.

There are five competences of CLA (Communicative Language Ability).
Where should be the focus on: form or meaning?
Should be the content determined by the learner?
Give us your opinion as a teacher...
Should be a negotiation of meaning between the speakers?
Should be the communicative classroom: teacher-centred or student-centred?
How would you organize your class in order to engage your students? and why?
How would you start a lesson in order to decrease the affective filter?
The Communicative approach to language teaching says that Communicative Language Ability is the goal of classroom learning and Communicative Practice must be part of the process.

You just won 2 ticket to the movies for that day. Invite your classmate to go with you...
From the previous question...

Do you think that student A must know what student B is going to say..? should be predictable?
What does communicative language teaching imply for authenticity in the classroom?

Mary: Hey, what's up... Mary: Hello Sophia, How are you?

Sophia: Hi, how are you?. Sophia: I'm good,thanks. How are you?

Mary: are you coming tonight? .... Mary: Would you like to come to my house?

Sophia: Yeah, I mean...I think so.. Sophia: Yes, thank you for the invitation.

Sentence word order...
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