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Blackout Poetry

No description

Chon Lately

on 7 September 2015

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Transcript of Blackout Poetry

Blackout Poetry
What is blackout poetry?
Blackout poetry focuses on eliminating words in a written text, to create a a new text in the poetic form, with a reconstructed meaning. This is usually done with a black marker, however there are many creative ways to highlight the key words that will form the content of your poem.
We have been looking at Teen Issues this term. Use a search engine to find an article on one of the key issues faced by teenagers.
The Process
Step 1:
Select an extended text to use for your poem. It is usually best to select a text based on the topic you wish to write about. This is because the text will contain many of the key words that your main ideas will be communicated through.
The Process
Step 2
: Don't read the whole text right away. Instead, scan for words that jump out at you which you can use as an anchor for your poem.
Use a pencil to circle (or highlight) the key words that stand out to you and that communicate your ideas.
The Process
Step 3
: Decide which highlighted words you want to use and circle any connecting words that can help communicate your ideas.
Blackout all of the other words
Remember that your poem will be read from left to right and top to bottom. You don't want to confuse your reader.
The Process
Step 4
: You can also add images that enhance your poem, to hide the content that you don't want to include.
If you're feeling artistic you can turn your poem into an illustration.
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