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By: Yeabsira, Jade

YEABsira Mamo

on 19 April 2013

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Transcript of Steriods

What type of

drug is a

Steroid? Steroids use By:Yeabsira and Jade Research shows that most people use steroids because they might have been sexually abused. Athletes want to achieve, better in their sports so they use the drug. For Female Side Effects Examples Of An Athlete Who Used Steroids
(before and after) Your body itself produces
steroids itself but it knows how much it needs, these aren´t the bad tpe of steroids. Anabolic Steroids are usually not prescribed to anyone by their doctor,unless have a problem with puberty or have cancer. Doctors can prescribe corticosteroid. This type of steroids don't help you grow artificial hormones they just reduce swelling and pain, therefore they cant be abused or misused in anyway. photos of people who used steroids and how it changed them Barry Bonds Before After (bald and is bigger in size) (normal size and has hair) starts getting a deep voice
starts getting a male appearance.
unable to give birth For Male can create high blood pressure
increases bad cholesterol
severe trembling
Grows breast Why do people take drugs? For Both Damage in the lungs
kills the immune system
Wont grow as tall as they were supposed to
Mood swings Before After A Steroid is a drug that make
you muscles, grow very large.
When people take this drug, they are inserting artifical hormonoes into their bodies. Those artifical hormonoes stop the bones from growing and let the muscles grow. muscular, Jason Giambi not muscualr, Before After Muscular not muscular Sammy SoSa Did You Know? Did You Know? Did you know that some foods contain low amount of steroids. Those aren`t the bad steroid this are natural steroids. You would find some natural steroids in milk product, and some other foods as well.
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