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Elizabeth Harris

on 19 November 2015

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Transcript of RICE TO PLATE

Step 1:growing rice
Rice can only be grown on approved heavy,clay soil
soil test must show more than 3 meters of heavy contiunous clay to allow for unrestricted rice growing
Step 2:Farm planning
Once a farm has been approved for rice production, many framers make a choice to design a whole farm plan to assist in the management
Rice is grown in bays which are surrounded by soil banks, creating a large flat 'bathtub' effect.
Step 3:Harvesting rice
the rice is ready for harvest when the grain colour turns yellow and starts to drop
The water is then drained from the rice paddy fields which are a field that is flooded with water
the grain is separated from the stalk by a mechanized thresher

Step 4:
Step 5
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