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Cameron Martin

on 23 April 2014

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Transcript of McDonalds

American culture’s health has been on a steady decline since May 15, 1940.
Now why has American cultures health been on the decline?
Well on May 15, 1940 Richard and Maurice McDonald founded, you guessed it “McDonalds.”
Today’s American culture shows that eating McDonalds on a regular basis can lead to many health problems, however convenience along with the vast amount of advertising McDonalds does may inhibit American culture from considering these ubiquitous problems.
McDonalds is the leading contributor to fast convenient food. As of 2013 according to McDonalds, there are over 35000 restaurants in over 100 continents.
McDonalds is the definition of fast convenient and cheap. Convenience seems to be what most Americans look for these days.
What can I get for the least amount of money and I can have it right when I want it?
Well that sounds like McDonalds and a vast amount of other fast food chains.
According to McDonalds, they serve over 70 million people a day!
That is almost one percent of the entire worlds population feed through one company on a daily basis.
The amount of food that is required to run a business as enormous as McDonalds is unfathomable.
Since McDonalds uses so much food on a daily basis they are able to keep there cost way down.
I believe this is the reason why so many choose McDonalds over other alternatives.
In the article “Don’t Blame the Eater” by David Zinczenko he says,
“Where, exactly, are consumers particularly teenagers supposed to find alternatives? Drive down any thoroughfare in America, and I guarantee you’ll see one of our country’s more than 13,000 McDonalds restaurant.” (Zinczenko Pg.392)
I believe David is right in today’s culture there is not enough convenient places for the average American to eat at.
Also who wants to pay for over priced produce in the store when you can have fast, affordable, and convenient McDonalds!
I know when it comes down to it I would much rather fill my stomach for three to four dollars over other alternatives that could cost much more.
In the article What You Eat Is Your Business, Rabley Balko talks about,
“Restrictive Food Marketing to Children.” (Balko Pg. 395-396 )
I Believe Rabley Balko is right about this marketing issue. Why can McDonalds advertise to children without any restrictions on what they advertise?
According to Business Insider, "McDonalds spent 963 million dollars on advertising last year!" (Lines 6-7)
That means According to Business Insider,"1 out of every 6 dollars spent on restaurant advertising in America is done by McDonalds.” (Lines 10-13)
In my eyes McDonalds is monopolizing the advertising market.
Business Insider says, “American Children see over a thousand fast food commercials on television every year, and hundreds more from McDonalds then any other brand.” (Lines 1-2)
McDonalds Golden Arches never fail to catch ones eye.
American culture has become susceptible to this omnipresent symbol.
One can always guarantee to see the famous Golden Arches throughout their daily life.
American cultures view will never change on McDonalds if measures are not taken.
Like Rabley Balko said instead of worrying about what American culture eats we should worry more about the images advertising can display.
At this rate I believe McDonalds is heading down the same road as the tobacco industry.
According to the Washington Post under the new FDA laws passed in 2010,
“Tobacco companies are no longer allowed to sponsor sporting and entertainment events.”(Lines 20-21)
Why is this the case?
Well I believe this is because of all the minors watching such events.
Claims have been made that tobacco companies use subliminal messaging to influence younger children to try tobacco products.
McDonalds uses all sorts of subliminal messaging to promote their products.
In McDonalds recent commercial they use LeBron James also know as king James to promote their new addition to there menu.
Using LeBron James to promote there new menu item makes every child who watches or plays basketball want one because it's approved by "King James."
The Olympics were another huge market for advertising and McDonalds was the leader of this market.
According to Money Morning
"For the top tier of advertising McDonalds paid 100 million cash for it." (Lines 18-19)
This gave McDonalds the rights to also incorporate the Olympic logo with there’s.
McDonalds said the only way to celebrate a victory was with a bite!
Radley Balko said it best, if the American government doesn’t put some restrictions on how and what can be advertised America will remain a continual leader in obesity.
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