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Six Simple Sentences You Simply Shouldn't Say - The Annual Giving Edition

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Jeffrey Lindauer

on 16 November 2012

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Transcript of Six Simple Sentences You Simply Shouldn't Say - The Annual Giving Edition

The discussion starts elsewhere. . . .
-Desired Result/Action
-THEN what is the best medium? Old School Thinking
-Get that annual mailing out
-"Teach 'em"
-"Promote 'em" (to something better) Today's Reality
-Direct marketing experts
-Database gurus
-Enhanced analytical skills
-Volunteer managers
-Personal asks
-A different path to the executive suite Reality Check
-The 80/20 rule
-Now the 90/10 or 95/5 rule
-Donors vs. Dollars
-ROI and the modern annual fund
-Remember the strategy. . . Repeat after me:
"Complaints aren't always a bad thing!" Complaint: Frequency
Opportunity: Education (reinforcement)
Opportunity: Monthly Giving (ask)

Complaint: You messed up
Opportunity: Apology (engagement)
Opportunity: Correction (satisfaction) Every complaint is an opportunity.
People who complain care enough to reach out.
People who complain care enough to help.
People who complain aren't lost causes.
Ultimately, people understand mistakes happen
(it's how you respond that makes you stand out) The best complaint: anything about content.
It means you're doing your job.

Being bland or boring is the surest path to no complaints. And no gifts for that matter. Avoid the lure of the new car smell. Trust the numbers. They don't lie. Text to Give vs. Mobile Giving - there IS a difference Reality of text-to-give:
-Smaller shops not yet in the game
-Requires $500,000 in annual income
-Setup fees, transactional fees, and marketing costs
-May not be suited for your organization's goals Natural Disasters and Presidential Campaigns are different.
-Power of extremely large prospect pools
-Urgent need
-Media saturation
-Short-term fundraising
Think Haiti, Katrina, Tsunami, Obama What is the long term value of a text-to-give donor? A better sentence:
"Let's take a look at our communications plan and see if there are additional ways we could be telling our story." A better sentence:
"I'm not sure about this ____, let's test it to see if it works better than _____." A better sentence:
"You're a valuable member of the team - how can I help you progress in your career? A better sentence:
"We need to determine if we're in it for the long haul, or if we just need money today. A better sentence:
"Let's work hard to make sure we don't make any more mistakes. Related question:
"Which is more important, donors or dollars?
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