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The Girl Who Was Supposed to Die

No description

laura kroll

on 27 March 2014

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Transcript of The Girl Who Was Supposed to Die

The book begins by Cady waking up and being dragged by 3 men through the woods. She can't remember who she is or why this happened to her. Cady escapes the men, and steals their car and one of their guns. Cady went to McDonalds for food and shelter, but is still trying to figure out who she is. Cady went into the bathroom of McDonalds to hide from the 3 men who just pulled up looking for her. Ty the only McDonalds employing working that night, told them Cady wasn't inside. Ty realized that she needed help and invited her to stay at his apartment. Ty snuck Cady over, and they got away from the 3 men. Cady heard an interview about her on the radio. It was her Aunt Liz talking about how she is going to stay in Portland and look for Cady. Cady and Ty drive to Portland looking for her aunt Liz. Most of the book took place in Portland, it was the main setting in the book. When they meet her she takes her to Cady's old house. Aunt Liz tells Cady that her parents created a vaccine that cures a disease called Hantavirus. Hantavirus causes people to drown inside their body, by blood. Cady's parents are the only ones who know the way to make the vaccine. Cadys Aunt Liz got really frustrated when Cady couldn't remember anything. Liz took her gun out of her purse and held it up to Cady. She remembered that Liz is really her parents boss. Their company Z-Biotech were trying to poison everyone in the world, and force them to buy the vaccine from them. After Cady remembered that Liz is bad, she tied her up and then called her parents. Her mom told her that her brother Max got infected with the Hatavirus. She told Cady that she had to go to their office, and get the vaccine so Max wouldn't die. Cady and Ty go to Z-Biotech together, but when they arrive one of the men that tried to kill Cady, Kirk, showed up. Ty started a fire causing the Hantavirus to be destroyed. The fire also caused Kirk, Ty and Cady all to be sent to the hospital. Max got the Vaccine from the office thanks to Cady putting it in a fire resistant cooler. The employes in Z-Biotech that were trying to make money all got arrested, and Cadys family all lived safely. The book ends with Ty finally kissing Cady.
Patrick and Janie are Cady's parents. They also have one other child named Max. They work at Z-Biotech, and are the reason that Cady got into all of the trouble. Patrick and Janie are both virgologists, who work with viruses. They found a vaccine to a disease called Hantavirus. Throughout the book, everyone from Z-Biotech was in search for Patrick and Janie.

"Oh, Cady, we're so lucky to have you as a daughter," she whispers in my ear. "You Saved us. You saved us all," (Henry 206).

Cady Scott Is the main character. She is 16 years old, has blond hair, blue eyes, and freckles all over her face. After Cady meets Ty she shaves her head to disguise herself as a boy. Cady throughout the book can't remember who she is. She learned her name from an interview on the radio talking about her disappearance. Cady eventually remembers her past, but still has a hard time figuring out who she really is.

" I kick through the mess on the floor, push the coat aside, and stare at myself. At me. At who I must be. Only Its a face I don't recognize," (Henry 14).

By: April Henry
Project By: Laura Kroll
The Girl Who Was Supposed to Die
Ty is a senior in high school who decides to help Cady out. He has dark hair, brown eyes and wants to be a doctor when he finishes high school. Ty lives in an apartment with his roommate James. Ty was homeless for a while. His dad died in a skiing accident, and his mom remarried a year later. Ty Crashed his moms new husbands BMW, causing her to kick him out of the house.Ty and Cady met at McDonalds, where Ty works. Ty stays with Cady through the book, and is determined to help her out.

"I'm not going anywhere," Ty Says. "Not until Cady is okay,"(Henry 141).
Patrick and Janie Scott
The theme in this book was trust. Through the book Cady is deciding who she can and can not trust. She figures out that it is not easy finding out who is trustworthy. She learns the hard way that her Aunt Liz was not trustworthy. She actually wasn't her Aunt, and turned out to be a bad person. Ty on the other hand was someone Cady trusted a lot. He turned out to be very trustworthy and always wanted the best for Cady. She learned to be careful who she can really trust.
I give this book 2 stars. It was a very easy read, but the plot was very predictable. I didn't like how the back of the book made the plot seem very different.
The symbol was a puzzle piece. This connects to the book because she had to put together her memories like a puzzle. She was missing some pieces of information, and it wasn't complete until she had all of the pieces.
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