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Grade 7 Statistics Project

By: Amy Bradford and Monique Botros

Amy Bradford

on 23 January 2014

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Transcript of Grade 7 Statistics Project

Grade 7 Statistics Project
Here are our percents:
Our hypotheses are:
a) Grades 4-8 will get approximately 7 hours of sleep. We think this because of extra-curricular activity, many kids our age are staying up late to finish their homework.
b) When they are stressed or bored they will eat. We think this because it is very common for people to snack when they are bored or stressed.
c) When grades 4-8 snack, they snack on treats (pop, candy, etc.). We think this because all children enjoy eating candy and it is a very hard habit to stop.
d) For breakfast grades 4-8 will eat grains (cereal, bread, etc.) We think this because most kids eat cereal for breakfast because it is fast and easy. There are often many cereals that attract a lot of attention to consumers.
e) On average grades 4-8 will go to a fast-food restaurant three times in a month. We think this because everyone is always busy (sports, running errands, etc.) and you often have nowhere to eat except the nearest fast-food restaurant.
f) Grades 4-8 will exercise 3-4 times in a week. We think this because we feel that the students in this school are all healthy and fit. Many of them are engaged in both sports outside of school and extra-curricular activity inside the school grounds (volleyball team, soccer team, etc.)

Our procedure:
1) First, we will prepare at least 5 questions, to make our survey
2) We then wrote our hypothesis, and, objective.
3) We then found out our sample through simple random sampling.
4) We will then list all the names of the students from 4-8, and give them a number.
5) Then, we went to random.org, and it generated the numbers from 1-191, and gave us 67 numbers. Using these numbers, we compared it to the list of names, and found who we were to survey.
6) We then made a sheet, to collect our data.
7) Then we went from class to class, either from 4:00- 5:00, or from 12:00- 1:00.
8) After collecting our data, we wrote our Observations and analysis, Conclusion, Evaluation.

By: Amy and Monique
Is RHMS y?
Our Questions
Thanks for Watching!
People We Surveyed
The people we surveyed were the following:

4A- Lee Jordon Ohan Zachary Cooper Coren Andreev Alexander Tabandeh Doust Nilou Tang Ashley

4B- Zheng, Ava Rubino, Matthew Qureshy, Zuhair Cheung, Matthew Nayer, Sonia Mok, Ingrid Ivoditova, Maria Kwan, Brittany Jetha, Kayden

5A- Aarush Pandey Hassanali Bhimji Hayden McCartney Natalie Messih Benjamin Chung Anjali Juneja Annelie Torabi Anika Barua

5B- Peter Waisman Alya Fancy Samantha Obadia Vivek Jariwala Martin Zhao Rohan Misra Vivek Jariwala Sonia Sin

6A- Daphne Jin Angus Cheung Mariane Rastimor Sabrina Lee Jason Xiong Anish Rastogi Judy Guo

6B- Maslov, Lucas Chew, Lucas Mintz, Rebecca Cohen, Julia Solomon Alexandria

7A- Kyle Kozma Henry Lam Zack Mera Chandana Muttukuru Venessa Chan Adam Filici Wyatt Sin Katrina Yung David Geiman

7B- Pasricha Nikita Shi, Tianze Cojocaru, Lisa Portnoy Thomas Ciyin Zhang

8A- Daniella Yusufov Aron Amaev Kevan Khakpour Trish Wu Chiara Firarro

8B- Hayden Cheung Cherie Chin Nina Rebic Helen Iskander Austin Tang

These questions can be summoned up into one big question
“What is the health of RHMS?”
We chose simple random sampling and chose 35% of the population (approximately 67 people).

35% of 191 students
= 0.35 x 191
= 67 students


1. When you snack, what do you have?
2. When you are stressed or bored what do you do?
3. On average how much sleep do you get on a weekday?
4. What do you eat for breakfast?
5. On average of about a month, how many times do you go out to fast food restaurants?
6. How many times a week do you spend at least 30 minutes of vigorous exercise?

When you are stressed or bored what do you do?
Fruits and Vegetables
= 23.9%
= 10.4%
= 6%
Other Treats
= % 37.3
= 23.4%
When you snack, what do you have?

How many times a week do you spend at least 30 minutes of vigorous exercise?

O times a week

= 6%

1-2 times a week
= 28.4%

3-4 times a week
= 25.4 %

5-6 times a week
= 13.4 %

7 or more times a week
= 26.9 %

On average, of about a month, how many times do you go to a fast food restaurant?

= 19.4 %

1 time
= 79.1 %

2 times

= 25.4 %

3 times
= 16.4 %

4 or more times
= 20.9 %

Watch TV
Run Around
Do nothing
On average how much sleep do you get on a weekday?
6 hours or less
7 hours
8 hours
9 hours
10 hours
What do you eat for breakfast?
Fruit and Vegetables
Our hypothesis for the question “When you are stressed or bored, what do you do?” was that Grades 4-8 would eat. We were incorrect. Most people chose to do “Other”. Other may include listening to music or reading a book.

For the question “On average, how much sleep do you get on a weekday.” our hypothesis was that Grades 4-8 would get 7 hours of sleep. We were in fact, correct.

For the question “What do you eat for breakfast?” we assumed that most kids would eat cereal or grains. We were incorrect. Majority of the population we surveyed stated that they do not eat breakfast in the morning. This is why they chose “Other”. This is very bad for the health of RHMS. Eating breakfast also starts your metabolism. You need energy to fuel yourself for the day ahead.

In conclusion when people form grades 3-8 snack, they mostly snack on other treats (such as pop, chips). This is not such a good habit for people to develop, we hope that over time they will stop doing this habit. But this conclusion matched our hypothesis.

Most people from grades 4-8 exercise 1-2 times a week. This is not good because every child should exercise at least 3-4 times a week. But we did not specify how long, we just said over half-an hour, so one session could be 3 hours. Our hypothesis, though was wrong, we thought that it was 3-4 times a week.

In conclusion people from grade 4-8 mostly go to fast food restaurant 4 or more times a week. We think that this is because some people eat fast food restaurant because they are in a rush, (lets say if they had a sport) and want food that is easy to get.
The validity of our results varies. Some people we surveyed had their friends around them telling him or her what to do, but we tried our best to stop their peers from affecting their choices. Other children had thought that options like sleeping for 10 hours was funny, and decided to choose that. In addition, we also came across times when there were students that were gone till January, so we had to re-generate numbers. Lastly, there could be students who are ashamed of their health, and are scared to tell us the truth. This was not all the people, maybe only 5 or 6 therefore, we believe that for the most part, our results were correct.
By: M nique and Amy
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