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Viking Long Ships

No description

Harry Leach

on 29 June 2015

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Transcript of Viking Long Ships

The Vikings had to find a way to get across to the countries they raided. They also used long ships for trading and to discover places. Some Viking long boats would have a thin piece of wood on the bottom of the ship which could help them sail through shallow water, and keep the boat steady if they came into a storm. It helps them get away when they are getting attacked.
Viking Armour
The Vikings had chain mail and shields and swords but what did they use all of it for? They would use it in battle to protect them and to slay people. Normally the swords were made of iron and the shields were made of wood which had a piece of metal in the middle. Chain mail is made of steel which is a type of metal.
Where did they come from.
The Vikings came from Sweden, Norway and Denmark which together makes Scandinavia. They also came from rocky mountains and smelly bogs and thick forests. They wanted firm calm land so they began to raid other countries for nice flat land that they can farm on.
Vikings Trading
The Vikings traded slaves ,wheat coins, spices,fern and swords. They would normally trade goods which would come in handy. The Vikings would add it to their meals if it was food. The Vikings would use the swords for battle. They would travel to other countries e.g Algeria, Italy Greece.
Vikings Gods
The Vikings had lots of gods. Some gods were called Loki, Odin, and Freya. Loki was the god of fire, he would trick the other gods and making them get into to trouble. Odin was the god of war, he had two birds who would travel around the world and report back to Odin when they got back. He also poked his eye out to gain more knowledge. Freya was the god of beauty and she was very loveable. She had to be very careful she wouldn't fall into a trap of Lokis.
Which Countries did They raid
The Vikings raided countries all over Europe and travelled as far as America and Greenland and Iceland. The First place they raided was in England at Lindisfarne monastery. We know that they raided because there have been big battles in the past. They loved raiding so much they would stay away from their homes for years.
The Vikings made bread and leeks and they came in very handy. They would normally eat bread because they had a lot of wheat. They grew lots of vegetables so that the village could stay healthy. They grew food for trading and for money.
Viking Long Ships

Viking Food
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