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Tavi Gevinson - TED

No description

Putri Pamedar

on 9 March 2013

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Transcript of Tavi Gevinson - TED

Still Figuring It Out - Tavi Gavinson By
Cahyaning Putri Pamedar Just be a Stevie Nicks.
Who is she? "The flaws are the key"
Use them well, then you can create a great thing from the flaws.
She said that "What makes a strong female character is a character who has weaknesses, who has flaws, who is maybe not immediately likable, but eventually relatable." She makes an online magazine for teenage girls called Rookiemag.com Problem Discussed So... The Second
Tavi's Solution The first
Tavi's solutions On her website or online magazine, Tavi want to makes the teenage girls could solve their own problem like the matures do.
She doesn't wanna makes them do what she has do or just copying. By expressing whatever they want on Tavi's website, she hopes that the teenage girls may find their own special character. Figuring out the women's character We have a lot of women and not all of them have a strong character The problem focused on ... "Not all of them have a strong character", What I mean in the sentence is a teen. A teenager, or teen, is a young person whose age is between thirteen and nineteen (13–19). That is the dictionary definition. They are called teenagers because their age number ends in "teen" Tavi Gavinson has some solutions of this problem. by two unique way and they are interesting. Who is Tavi Gevinson? Here she is... Tavi Gevinson (born April 21, 1996) is an American writer, magazine editor, actress and singer. Raised in Oak Park, Illinois, Gevinson came to public attention at the age of twelve because of her fashion blog Style Rookie. By the age of fifteen, she had shifted her focus to pop culture and feminist discussion Her website is dedicated for teenage girls. they can freely send their writing, their photography, and everything to express their character.
She also loves to share the amazing of film or TV character (women character) and how they inspire Tavi in figuring her character out. Thank you ... Stephanie Lynn "Stevie" Nicks (born May 26, 1948) is an American singer-songwriter.

Why Tavi ask us to be like Stevie Nicks? Because Stevie Nicks is very confident with all of her flaws. The could stay awesome with her flaws and gets a thousand people attention.
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