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Matching Type and Supply Type Items

No description

Camille Deladia

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Matching Type and Supply Type Items

Supply Type Matching type consist of a stem and a blank where the
students would write the correct
answer Matching Type and Supply
Type Items Match the items in column A with the items in column B. Data Sufficiency and
Comparison Type Example A
1. Magellan
2. Mabini
3. Rizal
4. Lapu-lapu
5. Aguinaldo
a. 1st President of the Republic
b. Discovered the Phils.
c. National Hero
d. Brian of the Katipunan
e. The great painter
f. Defended Limasawa island A 1. Square root of 9
2. Square of 25
3. 36 inches
4. 4 feet
5. 1 kilogram B a. -3
b. 615
c. 3 meters
d. 48 inches
e. 1 pound modified multiple
choice type Example:
1. The study of life and living organisms is called Example:
Write an appropriate synonym for each of the following. Each blank corresponds to a letter.
Metamorphase : _ _ _ _ _ _
Flourish : _ _ _ _
Thank you for
listening! #onlyHarrey
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