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Health Illness Continuum

No description

Christina Garcia

on 19 November 2012

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Transcript of Health Illness Continuum

By Christina and Kinsey Health - Illness Continuum 7 components of wellness Internal vs External
Variables Dunn's Wellness Grid Factors affecting adherence Acute vs Chronic Illness -Presence or abscence of disease
-Complete physical, mental, social well-being
-Ability to maintain normal roles
-Developmental and behavioral potential is realized to the fullest extent possible
-Physical, social, emotional: adaptation to internally and external environment
-Striving toward optimal functioning
-Individual perception
-Static vs ongoing process Physical
Environmental - Biologic dimension - Physical environment (genetic makeup, gender, age, dev’t level)- Standards of living
-Psychologic dimension- Family and cultural beliefs (mind-body interactions and self-concept)- Social support networks
- Cognitive dimension
(lifestyle choices and spiritual and religious beliefes) -Client Motivation
-Severity of health problem
-Effects of Rx
-Cultural and belief systems
-Cost -Short duration vs extended periods (6 months or longer)
-Symptoms appear abruptly vs slow onset
-Can return to normal level of wellness vs learning how to live with physical limitations and discomfort Health -Physical Environment
-Standards of living
-Family and cultural beliefs
-Social support networks
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