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Marco Polo

Great you can really find out a few things about Marco Polo come take a look!

Manaya Perry

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of Marco Polo

Italian Explorer (1271-1295) Marco Polo Marco was a Italian Voyager as well as a Italian Merchant Marco Polo wrote a book named "Book of Ser Marco Polo" Marco Polo died in the year of 1324 Through the years of 1271-1295 Marco Polo was an Italian Explorer. Marco was one of the first European to travel from Asia to China in 1271, he left from China in 1271 when he was only 17 years old This is the ship of Marco Polo as he was coming home from China Before Marco died he wrote another book named "The Travel of Marco Polo" Marco became a member of Kubal Khan in 1295
after he escaped Genoa and went
back to Venice This is the leader
of Kubal Khan He was buried at Church of San Lorenzo (45.2613north-12.2043east) He left 3 daughters, and a spouse, also his mom and dad. Marco was sailing with his
father and his uncle for
twenty-four years. They were really happy
when they got to dry land In remembrance of Marco Polo these
people made a camping site in
remembrance of him
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