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History of Accounting- Ancient Egypt to Modern Mississauga

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on 9 January 2013

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Transcript of History of Accounting- Ancient Egypt to Modern Mississauga

lets travel back to Ancient Egypt Modern Day Accounting from paper to calculators to Computers!! what Accountants do with our Money In today's world of accounting, accountants manage our money by keeping track of how much we spend, how much we have coming in and how much we need for various mandatory expenses
Accountants keep all of our expenses and transaction on a file that is kept on a hard drive now thanks to the use of computers
our journals are kept in documents such as a ledger. What we use to keep records Up until the early years of the 2000's accountant used to record everything on paper just like back in ancient Egypt
Now thanks to the computers and networking, Accountants don't have to worry about writing every single transaction etc. down on paper. all that is required is for the accountant to over look transactions and bring forth a statement at the end of the year to provide the government with records.
accountants also can see how much your business or even yourself in worth by listening all your assets liability etc. and find how much equity you have. Welcome to Ancient Egypt $$$ The Use of Money $$$ In ancient Egypt the use of money was not known
The fiscal receipt and payments of Pharaoh were payed by doing tasks
in about 7500 B.C. simple tokens and clay balls of different shapes came to represent some sort of value for farming goods like food, crop, etc. The Ancient Accountants In ancient times, a lot of tradings of goods was both by water and land and in some cases the system of account keeping was likely used.
accountants took records of what was sold and brought into the country.
All recorded were recorded on Abacus paper about 5000 years ago up until the year 4000 B.C. papyrus paper become more popular in Egypt and was used by accountants to make records.
All records are kept in a depositories or granaries which are now called warehouses and banks in our modern day. History of Accounting Ancient Egypt TO Modern Day Accounting Ancient Procedures of the accountant The accountant back then was in charge of keep track of taxes being collected from the people
Abacus paper was used to record the wealth of king Hammurabi and tribute payments
provide accurate and time-keeping of records. 5000 years later into Modern day accounting Thank you for your Participation $$$ $$$ The Different types of accounting In today's world accounting has branched off into two main sectors
CGA- which is Certified General Accountant and
CA- which is Certified Accountant
Which these two branches now more opportunities open up such as working with your favorite shoe store as an accountant (CGA)
Or running your very own firm under your family name (CA) QUIZ TIME!!! 1. what year was Papyrus paper introduced?
A) 2005 B.C.
B) 1756 B.C.
C) 4000 B.C.
D) 5000B.C. Answer C) 4000 B.C. 2. what was the name of the paper that was used 5000 years ago?
A) Paper
B) Birch
C) Rus
D) Abacus Answer is D) Abacus paper 3) today these places are known as warehouses and banks what were they called in ancient Egypt?
A) huts
B) pyramids
C) granaries
D) depositories
E) reserves
F) C&D Answer is F). In Ancient Egypt banks and warehouses were called depositories and granaries 4) with a CGA accounting certification, what jobs can you do?
A) open an Accounting firm
B) Be an Accounting Manager at Sports check
C) Work in a mall
D) own a mall Answer is B) 5) what are Accountants responsible for?
A) how much gas i by every month
B) who i sold a car to
C) how much money i spend or gain over the year
D) how many toys i have Answer is C) Answer is C)
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