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The Fill In Boyfriend

No description

molly hane

on 26 October 2015

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Transcript of The Fill In Boyfriend

The Fill In Boyfriend
By Kasie West

Important information
Rising Action
1.) Gia's College boyfriend Bradley comes to her prom but before they go inside they get into a fight and break up
2.) Gia finds a perfect boy who would be a great fit to be her fill in boyfriend so she can prove to Jules that Bradley is real and he agrees to be her date to prom and pretend to be Bradley.
3.) Hayden and Gia go to Hayden's Ex girlfriends party and they pretend to be dating
4.) Gia and Hayden go to a movie with a couple friends but when Hayden ex girlfriend shows up at the movie Hayden Ditches Gia
5.) Hayden apolgizes to Gia and they become friends again
Falling Action and Resolution
1.) Gia tries to talk to all of her old friends but they ignore her.
2.) At one of the last dance Gias friends forgive her because she apologized to them and explained why she lied to them.
When Gia and Hayden go on a double date with Jules and her boyfriend they see Bradley,Bradley tries to talk to Gia about how much he misses her. Jules overhears Bradley and Gias conversation and she tells all of Gias friends that she has been lying to them.
Point of view: 1st person

Conflict: Character vs Character

Gia Montgomery - A popular high school student ( Main character)
Bradley: Gias Ex boyfriend whose In College.
Hayden: also known as the fill in boyfriend Is a nice geeky high school student who helps gia.
Bec: Hayden's goth younger sister who Is very overprotected of Hayden.
Jules: Gias friend who Is always trying to make her mad.

A warm town In Florida that Is a tourist attraction.

Antagonist: Hayden
Protagonist Gia

Falling action
Gias friends forgive her after she apologizes to them.
On Prom night Gia Montgomery boyfriend Bradley dumps her in her high schools parking lot. Gia see's a Boy who looks like he is in the same grade as her but shes never seen him before and she has a great idea to have him pretend to be Bradley, When he agrees to be Bradley for the night they go to the prom.Gia finds out the fill in boyfriends real name is Hayden. Hayden and gia go the Haydens ex girlfriends party because he wanted to make her jealous. Hayden and gia start to like each but when Hayden and gia go to a movie with some other people including Hayden's Ex girlfriend Hayden ditches Gia for his ex girlfriend. Hayden apologizes to gia and said he dint think that would hurt her feelings. When Gia and Hayden go on a double date with Jules and her boyfriend, Bradley shows up and tells gia that he misses her. Jules overhears their conversation and she tells all of gias friends that she has been lying. When gia apologizes to her friends they don't accept her apology and ignore her and gia stops trying to always make her friends happy. On the last dance of the school year she decides to apologize one last time. Her friends accept her apology.

I would recommend this book to anyone who likes books that you cant put down and have a little bit of romance.
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