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Learn about the basics of soccer!

student 11

on 3 July 2013

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Transcript of Soccer

The History of Soccer
evidence of soccer being played in 2nd and 3rd centuries B.C., in China
records show that Romans and Greeks played soccer for fun too
early growth of soccer started in England
group called Football Association established the foundation of soccer in 1869
soccer's popularity spread rapidly in the 1800s
sport has been played for over 3000 years
by Ayumu K.
objective is to get the ball in the other team's goal by kicking, and protect your own goal from getting scored
there are 11 players- a goalkeeper, the midfielders, defenders, attackers
cannot use hands except for the goalkeeper
game starts at the center of the field
a game is 90 min. long
if the ball crosses the side line, it is a throw in (the team who did not touch the ball last before the ball crossed the side line gets to throw the ball back in)
a goal kick is made when the ball gos out of bounds over the end line and was last touched by the attacking team (defensive team kicks)
a corner kick is made when the ball goes out of bounds over the end line and was last touched by the defending team (attacking team kicks)
kicking, tripping, charging, striking, pushing, jumping at, holding or pulling, spitting at the opponent and handling the ball results in a foul
fouls will result in a penalty kick for the other team if a foul occurs inside the Penalty Box
two yellow cards are equal to a red card
whoever is given a red card has to leave the field
whoever breaks the rules,delaying the restart of play, entering or leaving the field without the referees permission receives a yellow card
violent conduct, spitting at anyone, touching the ball with a hand in order to prevent a goal, fouling an opponent to prevent a goal scoring opportunity, using offensive language will result in a red card
step over flick
the rainbow
crossover tap
ronaldinho flick-up
Thanks for watching
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