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Dream Analysis

Analysing some dreams that I have.

Shannon Moorehead

on 16 May 2011

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Transcript of Dream Analysis

Dream Analysis I was trying to sleep one night in my bed, then somehow a random Frog in my bedroom just appeared. I woke up screaming and crying then my parents came in. this dream could possibly mean that I was scared of that kind of animal at the time and I was like 4 when I had the dream My unconscious mind could of been thinking of a change that happened or something of the unexpected even though I may not have known it while conscious I dreamed it One time I came to school, and everything was fine until
I realized I had only one shoe on. It was really confusing for me
even when I woke up, I didnt know what to think. The fact that i only have one shoe on i might be starting to have low self-esteem and a lack of confidence in myself or perhaps in a certain situation For my setting to be taking place in school,
it might be because of lessons that I have been
learning while currently in highschool. awwww! :] When I was hanging out with my cousin Nikia, I found out her and the
Rock were daiting and were together for a really long time. This could represent security, warmth and love because
she is family and also symbolize bitterness, jealousy, or rivalry. (hes not that bad! haha) This is strange because I
never get to see her, she lives 3
hours away and we dont talk much.
The reason I dreamed this was because I
miss her and shes really cool. Also we
always talk about daiting, boys, and relationships when shes down. Shannon Moorehead
1st hour 5.17.11 The End. :)
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