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Daniel Sanchez

on 3 February 2015

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Transcript of Nike

Nike by Daniel Sanchez
The birth of Nike 1970-1979
Nike's Big Hit Shoe- Jordan
Nike First Entrance to the World 1960-1969
Nike was not known as it is back in 1964 it was known as Blue Ribbon Sports. The founders of Blue Ribbon Sports were Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman and both full-time jobs going to the University of Oregon so they hired Jeff Johnson.
Johnson created the first brochures,ads and marketing materials. While working Johnson designed several early Nike shoes and even came up with the name Nike in 1971.
The Nike " Swoosh" Logo 1972
The famous logo the swoosh made it's first entrance to the world in 1972. It was designed by a student in Portland State University named Carolyn Davidson.
Nike's Big Decade 1980-1989
Nike successfully launched Nike Air technology on the tailwind running shoe in 1979. By the end 1980, Nike became a public company. Phil Knight stepped down from president position
The Jordan shoe has been popular since 1985 because Nike helped NBA rookie Micheal Jordan design and created his signature shoes.

Nike goes beyond reach 1990-1999
Nike started to design shoes for golf and soccer in the mid-90s. In 1994 Nike decided to start to sign a couple of players from the Brazilian National Team. In 1995 Nike signed the whole team and started to design there uniforms. Nike also signed tons of other nations both men and women.
The Present Generation of Nike 2000-Present
Nike is the biggest soccer and other sport company in this planet. Nike also supports the FIFA World Cup by designing nations soccer team uniform. By 2012 Nike became official sponsor of the NFL (National Football League). Nike also said that there were going to increase there worth value to 28-30 billion it was 27 billion by 2010. The president and CEO Mark Parker said " At Nike Inc.we run in a complete offense,and it's based on a core commitment to innovation. That's how we stay opportunistic, serve the athlete, reward our shareholders,and continue to lead our industry"
Did You Know ?
That the word Nike means "victory"
That Nike became Nike,Inc in May 30,1971
The company is named after the Greek goddess of victory
That Nike's biggest sponsor is Penn State University
That Nike has tons of soccer sponsors including Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar, Wayne Rooney, and Mario Gotze
Nike's Latest Products
One of Nike's latest products is a new soccer shoe called Superfly V. The designer for this shoe is world famous Cristiano Ronaldo. Some of it's colors are red, green, and black. Another shoe called Magistas. I predict the desinger was David Luiz. Some of it's colors are highlighter yellow, orange, black, red, and blue.
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