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what is art

No description

christina crudo

on 3 October 2013

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Transcript of what is art

Choice 1
Art can be part of our every day life
Choice 2
Art is put into many buildings and architecture.
Art is in almost anything, it can be in furniture, food,paintings, buildings, sculpting, wood and lots more...
Choice 3
Choice 4
Another way of art is drawing.
What is Art
Art is created with food. Chefs create food on your plate. Also super markets sometimes have food displays. Some people make art out of food to show there talent or for a living.
extra information
Most of art is in paintings and in collages.
Some paintings can just be a bluer or a smudge. Then others are paintings. Some art is also made with pictures like a collage. For example the collage made up of a seriesse of cats. There are many different ways to make art.
Art can be shown also in buildings, bridges, houses, sculptures and many more. i usually see art in buildings and in architecture. Mostly old cities.
Art is based on drawing your plans out and how you want them to look. Drawing is like your rough copy of a painting or building. drawing can be in steps to become a painting, house, sculptture, statue and many more. or you can sketch or draw for fun. Art can take a long time or it can be made just with spare time.
what i think of art
What i think of art is whatever pops into your brain first. For example, daily people who just do art think of something and rely on what they thought of. Famous artist think about it for a long time, then once they dicided they like what they created they plan it out more seriousley and more detailed.
Art is inspiration. Art is agricultural. Art is made up of what you think.
thanks for watching hope you liked it
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