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TechGirls Prezintation

No description

Meriem Benamar

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of TechGirls Prezintation

Prezi-ntation Plan : Introduction : The Goals of TechGirls Our stay in Washington DC Tech Camp 1- Introduction.
2-Our stay in New York.
3-Our stay in Washignton DC.
4-The TechCamp .
5-The end . What is *Empower young women in the field of technology. Arrival & Meetings : TechGirls in Washington : Thank you ! TechGirls ? * Gain Leadership Skills . * Gain Tech Skills . *Learn more about the
American culture . Our Stay In New York First day at the Office of international visitors DOS. Algerian Techgirls - Meeting with Souktel via Skype . Do something . City Tour Life on the campus . Meeting with Mr J.E Rash - Meeting with Mrs Rachel Sterne . Berkman Center
A research center at Harvard University focused on the impact of technology on society. The White House Congress Congressional meeting Mrs Suzanne Bonamici & Mrs Susan Davis City Tour 4th Of July ! Kings Dominion amusement park .
Fireworks Techy First day in New York
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