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kaleb w.

kaleb w.

Mike Graham

on 9 January 2013

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Transcript of kaleb w.

Industry Education Agriculture Then Then Then Now Now Now Now The Kala then 1. priorto 1800s most people who called ohio same earned thir living though farms. 2.Most ohio farmers who pruced a surplys sold their prudects locally or sent them down the ohio and mississipi rivers to new. 3. By 1850s and railroads replaced the canals andtransport ohio with much of the rest of the u.s. 1. agriculture remains Ohio`s # 1 industry today. 2. Ohio is still one of the nations leaders in agriculture. 3. there are nearly 75,000 farms in ohio. In the early 1900s,the weatherly children 1. attended privet a cademies. 2. the schools were small, with a few rooms in them setside for classrooms. 3.In the privet schools, girls and boys were not together. 1. teachers are assigned to teach one grade level. 2. Students are disciplined in many way, however, hitting a student is no longer a form of punishment. 3.Today all kids are required to go to school. 1.priorto 1800s,most people who called Ohio came earned their living though farms. 2.most ohio farming who proudced a surplis sold their prouducts locelly or sent 1.in1826 are sident of sandu sky en couraged his neiborssto help. 2. the first railroad complted in ohio was the erieend kalana zoo railroad. 3.In its early years, the railroad line had the nickname chage high and damn rough ride. 1.In the 1979s 10 comotives began to SD41 ,2 one of the most successful diefuls of all time is perhaps best remembered . 2.In 1990s that employed at ernating curreut (AC). 3. The railroading just in 2007s broke and all time river ship record.
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