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Good Citizenship Lesson Plan

No description

Haleigh LeShea

on 18 April 2011

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Transcript of Good Citizenship Lesson Plan

Haleigh LeShea
Good Citizenship Lesson Plan
Matt Elementary School
Social Studies
First Week of School Standards

SSKCG1 The student will demonstrate an understanding of good citizenship.
a. Explain how rules are made and why.
b. Explain why rules should be followed.

ELAKR6 The student gains meaning from orally presented text. The student
b. Makes predictions from pictures and titles.
c. Asks and answers questions about essential narrative elements (e.g., beginning-middle-end, setting, characters, problems, events, resolution) of a read-aloud text.
g. Connects life experiences to read-aloud text.
h. Retells important facts in the student’s own words.

VAKMC.1 Engages in the creative process to generate and visualize ideas.
a. Participates in group brainstorming activity to generate ideas.
b. Verbally expresses individual ideas, thoughts, and feelings. Essential Questions

Why do we have laws in America?
Why should I want to obey these laws? Key Terms

Good: well-behaved
Citizenship: having the rights, privileges, and duties of an inhabitant of a town, city, or country
Rule: a guide or principle for conduct or action
Law: a rule of conduct or action laid down and enforced by the government
Obey: to follow the commands or guidance of Objectives

Students will be able to:
Discuss how rules are made.
Recognize what actions rules prohibit.
Tell why the actions rules prohibit are bad.
Tell why there should be consequences for rule-breaking. Monday

Tell the students we are going to learn about rules
Introduce the story Orb and Effy Learn About Authority
Have the students make predictions about the story from the pictures
Read the story, pausing at 4 discussion points
Explain what a citizen is and how good citizens obey rules
Follow "Parallels" section of the Constitution Day lesson guide Tuesday

Students will choose light colored piece of construction paper
Write their name along with a word describing a good student
Draw picture of themselves being a good student
Cut pictures from magazines
I will laminate placemats to use during snack time Wednesday

Remind students how we discussed Constitution on Monday
Introduce Preamble to the Constitution
Use http://my.brainshark.com to record students' voices singing Schoolhouse Rock Preamble (1:00 min - 1:40 min)
Take picture of each student
Add collage of students' photos to picture from Schoolhouse Rock
Email link to parents Thursday

Ask students what rules they think should be followed in the classroom
Write students' suggestions on whiteboard
Type a class constitution
Sign constitution and hang in classroom "We the People" the people of America agreed together
"In Order to form a more perfect Union" to make the states a better group
"Establish Justice" to do right and punish wrong
"Insure domestic Tranquility" to make the states get along
"Provide for the common defense" to protect the states
"Promote the general Welfare" to make the people happy
"Secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity" to keep the people and their descendants (children, grandchildren, ...) free
"Do ordain and establish this Constitution" to create the Constitution Friday

Put list of rules on whiteboard
Give students paper with a table
Give students paper with words "Good Citizenship" and "Bad Citizenship" and with 4 pictures of rules being followed and 4 pictures of rules being broken
Students will have to cut out and glue pictures under appropriate columns of "Good Citizenship" and "Bad Citizenship" Remediation

For the students who have had no experience with writing, I will help them write their names and a descriptor word such as good, kind, honest, fair, etc.

For the students who have difficulty completing their own table, I will go through pictures with them individually, asking the student what he/she thinks the person is doing in each picture and discuss with the student to make sure he/she has mastered the learning objectives. Extension

Students needing supplemental challenges will present a role play/imaginative scenario that shows how rules are made, what actions rules prohibit, why these actions are bad, and why there should be consequences for rule-breaking. If only one student needs supplemental challenges, then he/she will describe the scenario to the class.
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