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Stephen Fuller Austin(The Father of Texas)

Terricka Irving

Terricka Irving

on 12 May 2011

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Transcript of Stephen Fuller Austin(The Father of Texas)

The Father of Texas BY: Terricka irving At Birth Stephen Fuller Austin was born in Virginia.
The son of the famous Moses Austin.
Stephen was born on November 3,1793 accomplishments Stephen is mostly known for bringing 300 families in to the Texas Border Also, Stephen organized small, informal armed groups to protect the colonists, which evolved into the Texas Rangers. Stephen was the first Secretary of State of the new Republic of Texas The End Stephen Fuller Austin was over powered by a disease and died on december 27, 1836. "The father of texas" They call him the father of texas because he helped bring over 300 families .
Pretty INTRESTING The Impact on Texas If you think about it Stephen F. Austin had a positive impact on Texas. He bought in the "OLD THREE HUNDRED" i believe that Stephen F. Austin did a plethora of good deeds for Texas and I think we should show a great deal of respect. Sfa (stephen f. austin university) Is named after stephen himself. Austin, Texas He also has a city named after him as you can see and plus its The capital of Texas.
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