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The People's Republic of China

Pd. 2 Global Studies

Ryan Zittle

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of The People's Republic of China

The People's Republic of China
by: Ryan Zittle The Government The Government of China changed from an emperial government to a socialist party after World War II This revolution was led by the great leader
Mao Zedong In 1949, the Communists won control of Mainland China after beating the Kuomintang in the Chinese civil war. Communism still stands strong
in China today, under current president
Hu Jintao The Military Currently the PLA (People's Liberation Army)
is the largest in the world. Due to large population. In 1989, the Chinese National Army open fire on college students
protesting in Tianamen Square, killing many. One symbolic picture from this event was tank man The Geography Mainland China is the second largest country in land area The PRC exercises jurisdiction over 22 provinces Human Rights Like in America, the PRC has a constitiution
giving freedoms, however they are overlooked many times. Many human's rights groups that try to oppose the government, often unsuccessfully, exist in big groups today. Religion China does allow a degree of
religious freedom However they only allow pre-approved government religions House churches or "made up" religions aren't allowed Culture The chinese are very traditional
and very artistic people. They use calligraphy
a lot and chinese artwork is very popular worldwide
Chinese opera is also very popular
today. If China were hold a PRC day
it would celebrate the history
of communism and the great leaders.
Mao would probably be celebrated the
most. It would be celebrated in the cities with
festivities and fireworks. Many would come, but
a lot of people may not agree with the day. Depending
on the leader and the military, some people may be
forced to come.
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