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Process Portfolio Example Pages

Exemplar pages for students new to IB Visual Arts

Aimee Zvinakis

on 19 August 2015

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Transcript of Process Portfolio Example Pages

Any ideas about possible projects or directions
to take your work?
These steps don't have to be done in
this order...this is only a suggested sequence.

It's recommended to complete a visual study done in the artist's style you are investigating. You can learn from imitating...
Analyze the color scheme in the work of the artist you are investigating.
Explore and experiment!
Stick actual pieces of your "tests" if they fit, or take photos.
After media testing and artist investigations, where are you in terms of your project's development? Any new ideas or changes or AHA moments?
Use the FTC guide to look closely at each work of art and write up a synthesis pointing out the similarities and differences of each of the works.
Typed out or handwritten. Up to you.
The Final Plan-where you want to take this project
A person should be able to see the making of your project at its different stages.
Get in the habit of taking photos of your work after each studio session. Discuss changes to your project direction.
We live in Beijing,
a city with a thriving
art scene. Make it a point to visit an art gallery/museum/exhibition at least once a month. There's nothing compared to
seeing artwork up close and in the flesh. You will leave inspired and with new ideas about where to take your work. Record your visit and experience.
Gallery Visit
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