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Social Structure of Ancient Japan

An in depth view at Japans Ancient Social Ladder

Will Bruns

on 11 January 2013

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Transcript of Social Structure of Ancient Japan

Thus, I know what I'm Talking about I SANK THE TITANIC

Warriors that are loyal to the Daimyo
that are loyal to the Shogun Daimyo Large Landowners that ruled over samurais, but were controlled by the Shogun Artisans

Made armor and swords for the Samurai
that are loyal to the Daimyo that are loyal
to the Shogun Social Structure of Ancient Japan By: Williamson Bruns Peasants

Three-fourths the population of china, mainly composed of farmers and store owners. Merchants

Lowest status because they sold what others made at a marked up price.
However they slowly gained influence amongst the people. Shogun Emperor

The actual ruler with a lot of power

High Ranking in Society , but
doesn't posses any power. Samurai
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