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Poem for My Sister vs. Football After School

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Alizeh Shahzad

on 22 May 2014

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Transcript of Poem for My Sister vs. Football After School

Poem for My Sister vs. Football After School
The main themes in both the poems are protection, love, concern and vulnerability. The personas in both the poems show concern, love and a trait of protection for the ones they are talking about.
"Football After School" is a very metaphorical poem, in fact the name itself is also metaphorical. Although "Poem For My Sister" may have a few metaphors, it is not as symbolic and metaphorical as "Football After School." The metaphors used help make our understandings of the poems better.
"Poem For My Sister" and "Football After School" have the same thesis. The two poems are about an experienced loved one trying to warn their younger relations to be careful as life is very hard. These two poems are like advice.
"Football After School" is about a mother telling her son about all the hardships of life, all the challenges he'll have to face as he grows older. "Poem For My Sister", too is about something similar. An older sister talks about how her younger sister, too will have to experience diificulties and challenges in life.
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