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Dinsey Powerpoint.

No description

Mustbe Kidding

on 18 January 2013

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Transcript of Dinsey Powerpoint.

by Kia Her Racial Stereotypes The princess and the frog. Color Men Light vs. dark Tangled Men in Disney movies are portrayed as tough, manly man, and handsome. These are stereotypes of what men should be. Males dominate kingdoms, they have more power then women do. Women Gender stereotypes Women have unrealistic bodies. They have small waists. long flowing hair, skinny, and have battered eyelashes. Female characters who aren't human are feminine with large eyes, and eyelashes, and are girly. Women in Disney movies are in need of help from some sort of danger. They are usually saved by prince charming. They lack independence. The men are always saving the day The lion King The lion king The good characters speak normally, while the bad character speak with a jive accents. The fact that prince Naveen isn't African American, leaves the impression that Tiana will have to marry a different race to live happily ever after. They fact is that they chose a prince from a European royal rather a African royal. Also Tiana was only a princess for only 5mins of the movie; she was a frog the whole time. “Disney obviously doesn’t think a black man is worthy of the title of prince,” Angela Bronner Helm wrote March 19 on the site. “His hair and features are decidedly non-black. This has left many in the community shaking their head in befuddlement and even rage.” Pros The princess and the frog Mulan Race equality Tangled Rapunzel is strong, brave,
independent, smart , and adventurous. "for every minute of my life, I will fight." Mulan goes to the army, to
fight for her country, and to
protect her father. She riskes
her life to protect the ones
she love. Mulan, changes herself
to appear as a man. Work Cited http://www.alternet.org/story/149045/disney%E2%80%99s_racist_stereotyping_and_gender_roles_remain_un-tangled http://www.ndsmcobserver.com/scene/disney-is-tangled-in-all-the-usual-stereotypes-1.1798837#.UPi1K2dBvmg



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