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Trang Nguyen

on 6 September 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Gained first hand healthcare experience in various departments
Built relationships with healthcare team
90% of interns cite this internship as having an influence on their current career choice
92% of interns agree their experience in the internship has better prepared them for a career in healthcare
Outcomes of Internship
Debrief Question
What one or two words capture what you learned today?
Ask the question & lead the group debrief
Has one minute to respond
Listen for STAR answers
Take notes on scribe worksheet
Process Observer (2)
Pay attention to 4 P’s, self-management and social awareness
Simulate 5 rounds of questioning
Each person at the table will have 1 minute to answer a question
Opportunity to receive feedback in a safe and controlled environment
Practice all aspects of the interview as if this was your actual session
30 min
Practice Interview
STAR Answer
Behavioral Interview Tool
Emotional Intelligence
Three aspects of EQ in the work place:
Ability to understand and respond to your own needs
Social Awareness
Ability to understand and respond to the needs of others
Ability to control self under stress/external stimulus
Expressing Your Attributes: 4 P’s
Attire, body language/non-verbals, response vs. reaction
Smiling, excitement, appreciation
Eye contact, engaged, eloquence/articulation
Rest, nourishment, pen and pad
Tips and techniques
Mastering the Interview
Example Timeline
Arrival Window 6:00-6:20 PM
Behavior based
Come prepared
Completed application
Arrive early
Time frame is compressed (60 minutes)
The Process
Clinical Career Extender Internship Program will transition into
Our Internship
Discovering Who We Are
Palomar Health
Today’s Objectives

Blanca Arias
Health Career Community Liaison

Trang Nguyen
Student Placement Coordinator
Today’s Facilitators
At your table, designate the following roles:
2 Process Observers
Facilitators will manage timing (5 min per round)
Have group debrief following each set
Opportunity to get feedback about your performance
Examples of Self Management
Verbal Communication
Proper Volume
Think before you speak
Avoid colloquial language
Pause instead of using filler words
Take your time
Nonverbal Communication
Body language
During the Interview
You will be escorted to the interview room by a facilitator
There will be 2 people in the room
Interviewer: Asks you questions
Scribe: Takes notes
Prepare yourself:
Before coming to the interview
While waiting
During the interview
What to expect
Interview Process
What do interns do?
Behavior Agreements
Foster a safe environment for confidentiality and candor
Participation by all
Focus on learning
Silence technology
Take health breaks PRN. Restrooms are at the end of the hallway
Ask questions!
Tell us how this creature behaves in professional/academic situations.
Depict an image of a creature that represents your behavior in professional/academic setting.
Describe Professional Behavior
February, 2013
INTERLINK Pathways Presents…
Interview Readiness Workshop
Q & A

Thank you for your time!
Actions Speak Louder
Body language can speak louder than words. What is the interviewer seeing?
Effective Communication
How do you communicate effectively in the interview?
Desirable Behaviors
We are looking for individuals who demonstrate:
Compassion and empathy
Effective Communication
Remain calm under pressure
Attention to detail
Determination & perseverance
Evidence Based Interviewing
How you behaved in the past will predict how you will behave in the future
The more recent behavior, the more likely it is to be repeated
Applicant 3
Applicant 2
Applicant 1
Who would you accept?
Breathe, clarify, shift position
Self Management
The Mission of Palomar Health is to heal, comfort, and promote health in the communities we serve.

Our Vision is to be the health system of choice for patients, physicians, and employees, recognized nationally for the highest quality of clinical care and access to comprehensive services.
Mission & Vision
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