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Rudolf Diesel

Inventor Of Diesel Engines

Andrew Heaberlin

on 5 May 2016

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Transcript of Rudolf Diesel

Where was
he from?
Rudolf Diesel was born in Paris, France in 1858
What did he do?
He made the diesel engine that continues to power many cars and trucks
Why was this important?
Back then, diesel gas didn't have much purpose because of how dirty it was, but then the engine was made, and then they could use it for cars
why did this person interest you?
this person interested me because most people who think about cars want to write about Henry Ford and others, but Rudolf isn't as known, and he is exactly as interesting as Ford, too



how has this imp. the world today?
many trucks and pickups use it to do powerful stuff, like tow 1,000 pounds, which you can't normally do with a regular engine. However, it can release some bad air into the public
Rudolf Diesel
The end
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