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The Sea Of Monsters By: Rick Riordan

No description

Hannah Kral

on 30 September 2013

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Transcript of The Sea Of Monsters By: Rick Riordan

The Sea Of Monsters By: Rick Riordan
Presentation By: Hannah Kral period 6/7

Plot: Rising Action
I thought the rising action was an interesting element of the plot because it explained the journey to the island where the golden fleece was and the fight with the cyclops. The young heroes which include Percy have to get the fleece to save Thailia's tree which protects camp half blood the only place on Earth where half bloods are safe.
One Other Literary Element: Foreshadowing
The foreshadowing in this book kept me wanting more and more. I was on pins and needles constantly. It is a great literary element to include in any story.
Literary Element: Theme

I very much enjoyed this book. In my opinion it had excellent structure and I would highly recommend this book to anyone in search of a good read. I also have a passion for Greek mythology and like how they incorporate all the ancient myths into the modern world. So read

The Sea Of Monsters By: Rick Riordan!
Character: Percy Jackson
-Percy Jackson a trouble magnet, is the protagonist of my book
-My characters physical appearance is untidy black hair with sea green eyes, and he is never caught dead without his magical sword Riptide
My characters inner characteristics are sweet and heroic, this quote is an example of his kindness to a friend named Tyson who is a cyclops and is different. "Unfortunately most of them couldn't stand Tyson. Once they discovered he was a big softie, despite his massive strength and scary looks . . . I was his only friend, which meant he was my only friend." (Riordan pg.10)
My character Percy is a trouble magnet. He is a half blood meaning one of his parents is a god which are still very much real in this book, and the other is a human. In Percy's case his dad is Poseidon. Monsters are attracted to the smell of half bloods so Percy is constantly fighting any ugly kind of thing you imagine from old Greek myths. "The way he said my name sent a chill down my back. Nobody called me Perseus except those who knew my true identity. Friends . . . and enemies. What had Tyson said? They smell funny. Monsters." (Riordan pg.16)

I enjoyed the rising action because it included many fights and difficulties with monsters. One of the monsters Perseus fought was Scylla. "'What about Scylla?'" "'She lives in a cave, up on those cliffs. If we get too close, her snaky heads will come down and start plucking sailors off the ship." (Riordan pg.157)This quote describes the monster Percy and his friends have to face to get into the sea of monsters.
An image of Scylla
Foreshadowing is when the story give clues about what is going to occur later on.
Example 1: This example of foreshadowing is when Percy's mother Sally says she will try to explain why Percy cant go back to camp to the best of her understanding. "'We'll talk this afternoon,dear.I'll explain . . . as much as I can.' Reluctantly, I told her good-bye . . . I didn't know it at the time, but my mom and I would never get to have our afternoon talk. In fact, I wouldn't be seeing home for a long, long time."
Example 2: In this qoute the Gray sisters are foreshadowing the location of the Sea of Monsters."'The Gray Sisters know what there doing. They're really wise.' . . .'Yes wise!'. . .'We know things!'. . . 'The location you seek!' Tempest added. Immediately her sisters pummeled her from either side, screaming, 'Be quiet! Be quiet! He didn't even ask yet!' 'What?' I said. "What location? Im not seeking any-' 'Nothing!' Tempest said.
The Gray Sisters! They share an eye, yikes!
Books can have many themes but one that I thought this book expressed beautifully is that you don't know what you have until its gone. When Percy' s half brother Tyson is most likely dead after the group of heroes gets in a shipwreck and Tyson is at the heart of the ship. Perseus realizes how he has taken his brother for granted and regrets it.
Tyson The Cyclops half brother of Percy
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