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Advantages And Disadvantages of Ways to Communicate with Customers

Task 4.16, 4.17, and 4.18

Rajan Chander

on 28 January 2013

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Transcript of Advantages And Disadvantages of Ways to Communicate with Customers

Instant Messaging is a way of having real time communication with other users. Advantages and Disadvantages of Ways to Communicate with Customers There are many ways companies can communicate with customers which are through Email, IM (Instant Messaging), VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) and Video conferencing. There are many advantages and disadvantages to these ways. Disadvantages of Email:
- Customers can send malicious mail.
- Poor security as mail can be forward on to other people.
- Reduces the rate of professionalism as employees usually use informal text, giving the company an unprofessional reputation. Advantages of email:
- Allows customers to send inquiries
- It consumers to respond by various ways (e.g. sending attachments, videos, or simply by writing)
- Reduces the cost of sending letters
- Can communicate all around the world Email is a way of customers sending messages to the company. Instant Messaging is a way of having real time communication with other users Advantages of IM:
- Saves on using letters and posting them
- Can talk to multiple amounts of recipients at the same time.
- Easy to search through conversations

Disadvantages of IM:
- As security is poor on IM, it is easy for customers to send viruses through files.
- IM is not ideal for sending/ receiving personal information from customers.
- Can distract employees from their original jobs.

VoIP is a way of using the internet to talk to customers. Advantages of VoIP:
- Cheap for the company
- Many features (including using web cam or even talking by chat so it is efficient for the company as well as the customer.
- Portable - used for phones and can increase efficiency for customers as well as the company.

Disadvantages of VoIP:
- Latency so it makes an impression for the customer that the company is slow to react.
- Need to purchase equipment for entire facility.
- When Wi-Fi is down the VoIP can't be used. Video Conferencing is a way to communicate with customers in different countries who are going to make big purchases. Advantages of Video conferencing:
- Can show projects and ideas more effectively
- Makes the customer feel impressed as they are having a 'face to face' conversation.
- Don't need to travel to meetings - cheap for company Disadvantages of Video Conferencing:
- Need to buy equipment - expensive for company
- Latency slows down communication - bad for customer giving wrong impression
- Time zones maybe different - effects communication including formality. In conclusion, there are many ways to communicate with customers and have various advantages and disadvantages on both the companies and customers. This can include the cost, latency, bandwidth, and how effective the type of communication is.

However, there is another way to communicate within a business (video to follow).
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