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Recruitment and Selection

No description

on 26 March 2014

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Transcript of Recruitment and Selection

Recruitment and Selection
Finding the best candidate
Recruitment Process
Who Get The JOB??!
To implement and evaluate the recruitment & Selection procedure in Hospitality Industry
To understand the importance of all stages in recruitment and selection process
In Practice : Employee Recruitment Procedures (SOP)
in Hotels

Filed a Request Form
Attraction of suitable candidates to vacant positions
what is it for?
Why you should know?
Internal Sourcing
External Sourcing
Third Party Sourcing
Activity 1
To identify potential candidates required for the job
What is it?
Choosing up the most suitable people, who have been attracted by the recruitment process, to work in the organization
Find the Candidates through Newspaper
Find the Candidate through Internet/ Social media
Receive the candidate data in the form of: (Soft copy)
1. Education
2. Experiences
Selection Process
Job Contract
Employee Placement

Basic Training
Employee Promotion Procedures (SOP)
in Hotels


Filed the Employee Promotion
1.Minimum Education of Bachelor or Diploma.
2.Discipline in work
3.Skills required
4.Achievement at work

Promotion Rejected
Form Filling by the Employee

Issuance of the Promotion Letter

Request for Approval from General Manager and Head Department

Employee Promotion Appointed

Employee Placement

Compare methods

I now have 15 fantastic years of Events and Hospitality Management, starting out as a Venue Manager and Adviser for a Busy Conference Centre. I then launched my own Events and Wedding Planning Company while I was also a HR Manager for an IT firm in Nigeria. When I came to London to do my MSc in Human Resource Management, I joined ASDA and soon became the Health and Beauty Section Manager. However, my love for events brought me to off to Work.
Having done the renowned Hospitality Hero’s course with them I soon became favorite in a number of their high-end Clients such as the Wyndham Grand Chelsea and Savoy Hotels.
In the last two and a half years I have been the Events Operation Manager for Off to Work supervising our team at the 5* Savoy Hotel. This has been a magnificent opportunity and has given me many memorable moments! I was recruited as the Assistant Recruitment Conference & Banqueting Manager in back in Manchester, which was more in line with my Academic Profession.

Looking forward to the next Big Challenge!

Tony Skark
41 Years Oldd
I graduated from Leeds Metropolitan University in 2006, where I studied a BA in Conference and Exhibition Management. After moving home to Hertfordshire I began a supervisory role in an independent boutique teashop.

I moved to London in late 2007 and shortly after joined the Off to Work casual team looking to gain more experience of high end hospitality and begin a career in the events. Then in March 2008 I started in the office team as a recruitment assistant. I enjoy the fast paced nature of the industry and meeting new people, and as a result have found a new passion in organizing events.

Della Swan
29 Years Old
Whilst studying for my Master Degree in Classical music I found (as many of us do!) that I was struggling to pay my rent and needed another source of income. After starting my career in events staffing in London with a major supplier, I very quickly discovered how fast paced, exhilarating and enjoyable the industry is and fell in love with events! I progressed through the ranks, fulfilling roles such as senior waitress, cloakroom supervisor, bar manager, corporate hostess and event manager. I was happy to adjust to any role I was asked to and these valuable experiences led to me quickly becoming a lead casual staff recruiter and trainer.

After spending four years in the same company I decided it was time to move on to new challenges and wanted to learn more about the overall process of putting on an event. I joined Table Talk catering company in early 2012 as support over London Olympic summer where I met many of the Off to Work staff. This gave me the opportunity to have my own clients and venues and be responsible for the operational planning for each event from conception and quotation, liaising with clients throughout the event planning and event management process.

Alongside being passionate about organizing events and meeting other lovely staffs, I have an unhealthy number of cookbooks and can often be found on my balcony overlooking the Thames, tea in one hand and cook book in the other!
Mick Grimes
42 Years Old
Fan Ding Ding
32 Years Old
I have 6 years of work experience in the event industry so far, worked in a high end event company based in China. My capability in speaking on 4 languages of Mandarin, Japanese, Korean and Cantonese has brought me to explore China and Korea. I previously worked as event executive coordinator, where I worked in rich exposure in organizing the B2B conferences, training programmes, awards & exhibitions. My expertise would include on events like Award Functions, Product launches, and Exhibition displays, Dealer Meets, Fashion & Entertainment events.

I love working around people instead of my desk! I oversaw a variety of events, both large-scale and more intimate. I identified ancillary revenue sources and various cost-saving opportunities for clients with both smaller and larger budgets. I am known for my ability to manage and stick to my clients’ budgets, ensuring their satisfaction. I would say I am an aggressive strategist when it come into details!


Job Description & Specification
Right person, right time, right place
Time and Cost Saving


Why it's Important?
Recruitment and Selection are significant to get the right people!
People are Your Asset
Person Specification/Essential Attributes:
Operating an efficient and cost effective Conference and operation, which articulates well with other revenue generating areas of the Hotel.
Provision of Conference Services and Related Sales,

Commitment To Quality
All staff are expected to care for our customers in a friendly, helpful, efficient and professional manner at all times.

• Commercial know-how
• Good financial management
• Good interpersonal skills
• Listening and communication skills
• Teaching and motivational skills
• Flexibility and responsiveness
• Thorough and well organised
• Dynamic
• Computer literate

Level of Education (Minimum)
Bachelor Degree
Areas of study
Conference and Event management
Professional experiences
3 to 5 years
Languages essential
English (Primary tongue)

The Department
Human Resources Department
The Department
Human Resources Department
Adapted from Alan Kirk (2013) and The Times 100, Recruitment and Selection
Selection Procedure
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