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Media in the Online Age

Media in the online age

Craig Woodhead

on 11 May 2010

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Transcript of Media in the Online Age

Media In The Online Age Audience Produced Media It can be argued that we do not all become collectivly involved in make media in the age of Web 2.0. For example the Hitwise Report (2007) says 0.16% of youtubes traffic uploads content, meaning that the wast majority of people are only going there to consume there media, rather than create it. Therefore in terms of Uses and Gratifications; relating to Dennis McQuail (1987) The audience are using these sorts of sites for The use of Entertainment and possibly to find a Personal identity It can be also argued that the major media institutions are starting to use audience produced media start to cut overheads and ultimately make more profit. For example a site called "Bleacher Report" is used to get users to write sports stories that are published on the bleacher report website. Currently there are around 600,000 users posting articles and columns 24/7 365 days of the year. Since it's creation in 2006, Bleacher Report have since done a deal with one of America's leading news channels Cbs Sports, where the stories wrote by the users of Bleacher Report are used by CBS on their website Therefore this institution are getting there work done for free as they are not having to pay their journalists and column writers to write as regularly, as they are getting those who are consuming the media to produce it. Virtual Realities In the new online age, there has been an increase in virtual realities, where people create avatars and effectivly live another life besides their own. An example of one of these virtual realities is Second Life, which is where people are in another world and can create an idealised view of themselves in an avatar. As of 2009, there are estimated that there are around 18million accounts on second life. The second life also has an economy called Linden Dollars (L$), which can be exchanged for real US$. This has opened up for people to make profits from these virtual realities. There have been several people it is estimated that have made a over $1million in profit.
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