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NAB bank

No description

Erin Eterovic

on 7 September 2017

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Transcript of NAB bank

NAB bank
Managing Human Performance Strategically
1. The theory of Managing Human Performance strategically
Strategic Talent Development
1. The theory of Strategic Talent Development
NAB bank
Managing Human Performance Strategically (Theory)
Challenging strategic assumptions

Refining strategic thinking

Facilitating strategic decision-making

Learning at all levels of the organization
Erin, Laura, Jasmine
2. How NAB manage their Human Performance Strategically
2. How NAB manage their Strategic Talent Development
Been around for 150 years

More than 35,000 people serving 10 million customers

800 locations in Australia, New Zealand and around the world
NAB Bank Employee help
Managing Human Performance Strategically @ NAB
1. We need to measure and reward our performance

2. Attract, recognise, motivate and retain employees

3. Align the interests of employees and shareholders through equity ownership.
Strategic Talent Development (Theory)
Strategic Talent Development @ NAB
Want their employees to feel

- Empowered

-Able to drive their own career
Managing Human Performance Strategically @ NAB
-Performance gets assessed

- Feedback

- Development scorecards

- People leaders

-Individual Development Plan
Aim of talent development:

- Process of strategic talent development

- A strategic plan to bring a desired future

- Tools of strategic talent development

-Compliance training
NAB Official Website

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Programs NAB have to assist their employees with Development
1. Performance Development Plan

2. The academy

3. Career U

4. Introduction and Job ready

5. Mentoring

6. People leadership
Some Of The Top Reasons To Invest In Talent Development
- Employee motivation
- Attract top Talent
- Increase employee performance
- Engaged Employees

Some Of The Top Reasons To Invest In Performance Management
- Establishing group and individual performance
- Improved communications and relationships
- Improved guidance and assistance
- Improved efficiency and productivity
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