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Miley Cyrus

No description

Landyn Nicholas

on 9 January 2014

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Transcript of Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus:
The high point of her career
Miley soon started singing with RCA Records
Then she started doing provacative performences
Miley recently broke up with her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth that she stared a film with him in the movie"the last song", which made her feel sad and angy so she started her new album "Bangerz", which she based her 1st song off of called "Wrecking ball"
Then she released her other songs in her album
Mileys 3 most popular songs are "we cant stop", "wrecking ball", #23.
By: Landyn Nicholas
Early Life
Starting her career
Miley Had many auditions to play the role "Zoey sterwt" on hannah montanna
no one wanted her because she was way too young for the role.
After weeks and weeks of auditions they finally said yes.
Then they changed the name to "Miley stewrt", instead of zoey stewrt
Hannah Montanna was her big breakthrough
Her dad auditioned also and got the role as her dad on Hannah montanna.
then Hannah montanna became a hit tv show. which was very impresive becasue she was only 12.
Her life and career today
Miley is one of the most famous pop stars as of right now.
She is still working on some new songs in her album "Bangerz".
Miley is performing all over the world for her album, Bangerz on her tour.
She is also working with Mike Will, and he stars in her song 23 and many more.
She recently just came out with a clothing line of hoodies with Mike Will
which is called "MIKE WILL MADE IT"
Miley Cyrus audition
The beginning of career
Hannah montanna soon became the most popular kids/teens tv show
which made her the most famous teen pop star all over the world
In 2007 she released her album "see you again", and soon released "cant be tammed".
After she got nominated for the golden globe award for best song "i thought i lost you"
in 2009 she came out with her movie "hannah montanna the movie.
in 2010 Miley stared in "the last song" with Liam Hemsworth.
After Hannah Montanna..
Miley wanted a whole different image, so once the show ended,Miley changed her whole look,style,and type of music
She started doing proacative performences more and more often
She started supporting drugs such as her 23 music viedo
Miley Cyrus was born Nov. 23,1992 in Nashvile,Tennesse.
As a kid Miley used to love doing cheer comps. with her little sister Noah Cyrus.
Miley had a big family, she has 5 sibilings total, not including her self.
Living the best of both worlds, Miley started reaching to mature ages where she felt like she needed to change her name from Destiny Hope Cyrus to Miley Ray Cyrus.
Her mom is Trish Cyrus and her dad is Billy Ray Cyrus.
Miley loved to get on stage and sing with her dad.
Finally on her 13 birthday she got her first guitar which was a Daisy Rock guitar
Her father Billy Ray Cyrus was was in a band, so therefor we taught her how to play guitar and how to play the piano.
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