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ISO 9001:2008

No description

Mariamelia Clara

on 6 March 2014

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Transcript of ISO 9001:2008

What’s the ISO 9000?
It is group of international technical rules that control the quality of different processes.
ISO 9001
Quality System

It's model that controls the quality of design, development, production, installation and service.
Components of the ISO 9000
Administration: prevent

Quality system: documents about the processes.

Quality accomplishment: supervising.

Year: 1959
Department of defense of the United States of America

British rules and regulation institute
Year: 1979
When we can use it?
We can use it to create a product
with the exact specifications
given by the client and the provider.

Then we register everything,
from the initial design
to the post-sale.
•Satisfying the client
• Leadership
• Involving the staff
• Processes
• Direction based systems
• Continuous improvement
• Decision making
Continuous improvement
(planning, making, verifying and acting)

Process improvement

Reading and keeping a
quality system

1.Initial analysis

Verification of the working process and the responsibilities
2. Formation

To the responsible personal,
to achieve efficiency inside the organization
3. Documentation
4. Implementation
You should keep evidence or registry of every process.
5. Internal audit
The collaborators in charge use the initial analysis information, the manual of quality and procedure and document every process.
Has to be done by qualified personnel
Is associated to the obtaining of certification of guarantee PYMES (4 months)
ISO 9001:2008
1. Why? And field of application
1.1 General: capability of creating
products that can satisfy the request
of the client (legal and in the rules)

1.2 Application: it can be apply to any business
2. Normative references
It has to apply the latest update of the normative

ISO 9001 : 2008
3.Terms and Definitions
As the normative define them
4. System of the quality control
4.1 General request

4.2 Documentation request
5.Responsibility of management
5.1 Commitment
5.2 Custom service
5.3 Quality politics
5.4 Planning
5.5 Responsibility, authority and
5.6 Supervision

6.Resource Management
6.1 Interim Resource

6.2 Human Resource

6.3 Infrastructure

6.4 Environment

7. The Production
7.1 The planning of the process

7.2 Process involving the client

7.3 Design and development

7.4 Shopping

7.5 Production and custom service

7.6 Control in the supervising and measurement

8. Measuring, Analysis and Upgrade
8.1 General

8.2 Tracing and measurement

8.3 Control of the non acceptable product

8.4 Data analysis

8.5 Upgrade
ISO 9001: 2008
ECA rates
Public rates in La Gaceta
No. 160 del 22/08/2013
Evaluation Document and In Situ (per day)
Certified Evaluator
$ 362
Assistent Evaluator
$ 338
Technical Expert
$ 290
Accreditation approval
$ 967
Annual payment (keeping the accreditation)

$ 725
The process in the business
Client trust

Cost reduction

Better relation client-personnel-provider
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