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Financial analysis, live market data and breaking news, Visual Learning, and beyond. Stockology is a Movement! Join our rapidly growing community and get up to speed with the Financial Markets. Spread the word! Fully intergrated with social networking.

Eugene Glyants

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Stockology.org

A few tips: 1. In Prezi, the viewer can explore time and space freely.
So it's best to create animations that can be viewed again and again, going on forever. 2. It's okay to keep it SIMPLE. Stockology.org ...and don't forget:
there is a lot to
explore at Stockology.org so be on the
lookout for
new services! WELCOME INTRO How to Navigate? To go to the next slide, press play at the bottom of this presentation This To go to the next slide, press play at the bottom of this presentation Prepare to go on an adventure
through space and time ...It is time to unthink the impossible ...and join us in a new reality... hooked yet? Stockology.org Stockology.org To understand how it works...
lets take a closer look at the details Simplfying complex financial issues Stockology not just a sophistcated predictive stock analysis program...
the most effective educational tool ever! (Visual Learning) Stockology is a MOVEMENT! How does it Work? 1. Financial Analysis Stockology will automatically anaylze market indices, stocks, ETFS,
FOREX, and other funds (Don't know what those terms mean? Don't Worry... We will teach you!) How do we do it? Using sophisticated financial models, and 12 dimensions of Technical Analysis,
Stockology will automatically output a ranked list of securities sorted by:
Strength of buy signal
Strength of sell signal
or Hold! But the real question is... Does it Work...??? Yes, it works incredibly well!
See for yourself Here is an example from the NASDAQ 100: Our software outputs reports like this: Based on our proven system, we set up a quick practice portfolio: And thats only during a 4 day period! Imagine the yearly returns.... Now kick back, grab a snack...
and let the Experts at Stockology.org
do the hard work! Visual Learning STOCKOLOGY IS A MOVEMENT Unfortunately it is getting late...
and a little past my bed time...
But at Stockology, it is our Promise to you to always keep you actively
engaged, learning, thinking, and
performing in an interactive way....
History Politics Math english arts gym social
studies economics Schooling is supposed to prepare us for the real world...
it is supposed to get us ready to become productive members of society...
Then why is it that a majority of Americans did not understand the Global
recession of 2008? A new age is upon us... finance has become intergrated into every aspect of our lives...
We believe education is the only solution... We will not stop spreading our message until
fundamentals of Finance is taught in High School. Talk about increasing transparancy and holding the "Big Banks" responsible.

Next time your broker calls you to tell you that your house and the rest of your
assets just lost 33% of their value, we will tell them to go #%$& themselves.
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