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Analysis of "Fear"

Poetry Project Analysis of "Fear"

Meg Gupta

on 12 December 2012

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Transcript of Analysis of "Fear"

Foundation: The Title Tone Shifts Results Delving Deeper Symbols, Extended Metaphors, and Imagery: Fear...what does it mean to you? First Stage: "Fear" by Gabriela Mistral An Analysis Conducted By:
Megan Gupta
Cynthia Tien
Shrinithi Narayanan
Period 3
12/10/12 Now let's delve deeper using the author's perspective. In Other Words... Second Stage: Third Stage: Allusion Stanza can stand alone
Very natural flow to the poem
No internal rhyming/ rhyme scheme
1st two lines same as last two lines in 1st two stanzas Other Connotative Devices Mood: desperate, distrustful, fearful, suspicious
Alliteration: "fly far," "sleep, side"
Punctuation standard- visually appealing; easy to read Author's background: Lover commits suicide College
Professor Frenzy Fear Sadness Denial Theme Loss of innocence Outside Influences Remember your roots I don't want them to turn
my little girl into a swallow.
She would fly far away into the sky
and never fly again to my straw bed,
or she would nest in the eaves
where I could not comb her hair.
I don't want them to turn
my little girl into a swallow. Little girl = bird = flying away and leaving her nest
She is far from mother's reach I don't want them to make
my little girl a princess.
In tiny golden slippers
how could she play on the meadow?
And when night came, no longer
would she sleep at my side.
I don't want them to make
my little girl a princess. Mother doesn't want "them" to make little girl a princess
Dressed up and even further from her mother And even less do I want them
one day to make her queen.
They would put her on a throne
where I could not go to see her.
And when nighttime came
I could never rock her...
I don't want them to make
my little girl a queen! Mother doesn't want little girl to become "queen"
Even more separation from the mother for she cannot see her daughter
May our dearest
friend Gabriela Mistral forever live on in our memories.

May she never be forgotten. Thank you!
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