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Religion Project Done by: Yajayra, Te'Azsa, Allan, Zchelani

Yajayra Orozco

on 4 October 2012

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Transcript of Christianity

Done by: Yajayra, Te'Azsa,
Allan, Zchelani Christianity Founded by: Jesus
He was a carpenter in Judea (Israel).
Jesus showed to the Jewish that he didn't want to practice as judaism during his time, around 30 B.C. He thought that they focused more on the worldly
concerns and material things.
He wanted to go back to the "regular" beliefs, as it set out the Ten Commandments. He also added an overriding message of love. His God loved everyone equally, he didn't favor anyone higher or lower because they were poor or wealthy. He said:
That people must mirror this godly love in their dealings with one another.
That they must love others as they loved themselves; they must even love their enemies.
Best-Known Sayings from Jesus:
Do unto others as you would have others unto you Some jewish people saw Jesus as Messiah, the savior foretold the prophets. They hoped that he had come to free them from Roman rule. The Romans got alarmed and then condemned and put Jesus to death by crucifixion.
Many of Jesus' followers believed that he was the son of God; Jesus Christ. God has sent this Messiah to show eternal life in Heaven Later they discovered that the body of Christ had arisen from the tomb and so they spread the word among fellow Jews. In between 45 B.C.-65 C.E; Paul, at first he was Jewish but then was converted into a Christian traveled widely spreading the teachings of Jesus to non-Jewish people. Christianity spread steadily, appealed to the common people.
Christians wouldn't worship the Roman Emperor as a God.
The Romans then reacted and they persecuted them because of the refusal, they lost their lives and property.
Later in 300 B.C Emperor Constantine became a Christian, and made Christianity a legal religion in his empire. Sacred text: The Bible
In the bible- There are two parts: 1. New Testament 2. Old Testament.
The Apostles & Disciples were the one's to write the New Testament.
Worship place: In church, temple, chapel, meeting hall...
Date founded: 33 A.D.
Place founded: Palestine
Largest Religion in the world.
If it weren't for Islam then there wouldn't Christianity
There's 15+ million people that practice Christianity.
Christianity is both a religion and a practice
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