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Stereotypes in the Media

No description

Christopher Walker

on 9 December 2013

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Transcript of Stereotypes in the Media

How Stereotypes are Formed
Stereotypes are formed in a social context through a combination of observing others, learning, and mental processes(psychwiki.com)

Stereotypes aren't used for just gender,age,sexuality or race because others stereotype their group as well.
White males are stereotyped to be intelligent but also dangerous.
Typically found good with money.
White Females
Seen as stuck up and very demanding but mostly because there spoiled brats.
Known for being very successful and being in the media.
Black Females
Image by Tom Mooring
White Males
Racial Stereotypes in the Media

Music Videos
White males are known for a lot of tattoos, skinny pants and snap-backs.

Videos main themes are dudes on skateboards , pool parties and being loud and having many girls.

MGK , is a current young rapper that was signed by P.Diddy

His hit song "Wild Boy" gave him a edgy pop look for today's new upcoming rappers
Most white males are known for business men with a lot of power.
Secretive and many women.
The TV series " The Blacklist " is about a man name RED known for making deals with the most dangerous criminals.With his interest in a female special agent things have to go his way.
Politics and polite with proper Ettiquette
Black Males
Typically black men are stereotyped as thugs, unmanageable, uneducated, lazy, non- ambitious, etc
Music Videos
Taylor Swift is a very known American singer/song writer but known for her heart felt lyrics and drop dead looks gives us the best country music..
Miley Cyrus (aka) HANNAH MONTANA has played a big part in the younger generation of the " black girl in white body " stereotype.

Music Videos
Hip hop is big influence on the urban community
Hip hop has the image of a gangsta rapper, who raps about murdering, rape, money, guns, drugs, and promiscuous women.
Majority of rappers through the history of hip hop rap about these topics, there are very few who don't
Reality TV is more popular as than movies are now in the urban community
Current Events
Music Videos
Black females are still ratchet today and laughed at even more.
TV shows and movies make black females as angry black women,in abusive relationships,the baby-momma and bad friends.
Current Events
Most news of black females are negative but more aimed at the younger generation.
The show 'Black Girls Rock' support and appreciate black females for the good doing.
Black females are most employed as actresses,in the medical field,video vixens and businesses as well.

Current Events
Rest In Peace Fast and Furious actor Paul Walker(1973-2013).
White males are mostly today employed as doctors,lawyers,teachers, and business.
White males are mostly in the news for politics,sports,drugs and crime.

Current Events
Asian Males
Typically, Asian males are stereotyped as quiet, smart,and studious.
They are often thought to be very skilled in math and science.
Music Videos
Psy has been a more recent Asian artist to become popular
His videos include lots of dancing, humorous characters and quirky outfits
Others include Asian boy bands (Ex. NEWS) which fit any stereotypical boyband: Well dressed, nice hair, teenage "heart-throbs"
Portrayed as the quiet nerdy type
Occupation is usually businessman or doctor
Often times has a knowledge of martial arts (Ex. Rush Hour)
Older asian men seen as wise mentors
Current Events
Many times when Asian males are presented in the news, it is for negative reasons regarding war, violence and politics
More recently, Kim Jong-un has been featured on the news regarding his bomb threats
Middle-Eastern Asians are labeled as terrorists
Creates an image of power-hungry, violent Asian individuals
Asian Females
Typically seen as quiet and submissive (Geisha, China doll)
Also seen as loud and talkative
Stereotypical professions: works at nail salon or Chinese restaurant
Supposed bad drivers
Music Videos
Teen pop girl bands: young and pretty, cutesy persona and outfits (Ex. Girls' Generation)
Hyper-sexualized music video dancers
Come across as young and obsessed with love or just a sexual object
Shown as beautiful, fragile, and submissive individuals
Role of an asian woman is to find a husband and make him happy (Ex. Mulan)
It is the Asian woman's job to cook and take care of the house and children
Asian-American women are portrayed as quiet, intelligent students, much like their male counterparts
Current Events
Some female Asians are featured positively
Usually scientists, doctors, or other women of importance who have made an important discovery or have created new technology
More commonly in the news, we hear about crimes committed against Asian women, rape, sex-trafficking
Impact of Stereotypes
Not getting to really know someone.

Not getting offered the job because of your race.

Bullying is a big factor in stereotypes.
Psychology of Stereotypes
Survival of the fittest causes us to make hasty judgements
Applies to our perceptions of others as well
Psychologists say we automatically categorize people by age, race, or gender
20/20 did an experiment to see if children stereotype just like adults
Harvard University's Implicit Association Test tested participants' racial biases
What is a Stereotype?
: A simplified and standardized conception or image invested with special meaning and held in common by members of a group
More often than not, it is a negative and hurtful image that is being portrayed

Typically dressed classy but the attitude doesn't match with dress.
Seen a lot in TV series full of drama and emotions.

In 1991 ,TLC (right) was a group that concentrated on big issues such as protected sex,women worth and just having fun.
Miami rapper Trina (left), came on the scene in 1999 and changed the game.
She is known or her dirty lyrics , sexy curves and rebilious attitude.
Today younger female rappers/singers have the same style of music and bounce(money,sex,power,love,death)

Gang Violence in Chicago is growing rapid, and more violent.
R.I.P Nelson Mandela just passed away

White females have just as much power as white males.
Mostly seen as business women, housewives or having sugar daddies.
White females are most likely married.

White females are rarely in the news for crime,scandals, and anything remotely violent.
White females are most seen in news for their positivity and participation of many things, such as charity work, education, politics.
White males are mostly today
employed as doctors,lawyers,teachers,
and business
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