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Coop Placement

No description

Riley Stevens

on 3 June 2013

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Transcript of Coop Placement

Cooperative Placement Tasks Art projects
Helping students with learning disabilities read and write
Activities in gym
Marking assignments and tests
Writing up assignments
Teaching recorder to students F.P.K Whitney Public School Started Cooperative education placement at the 101 Mall Dental Office following the dental hygienist and the dental assistant.
I was able to observe teeth being cleaned, fillings, crowns, extractions.
I learned sterilizing practices for dental equipment.
I was able to do an alginate impression tray. Requirements To become a teacher you need to obtain either a Bachelor or Master's degree in the subject you would like to teach
You need to attend one year at a teachers college.
Should always want to learn new things
Be able to do your curriculum, marking, and outlining units on your own time
Be flexible and social
Be mature and responsible
Have good organization skills and be patient Downside to This Career There are more applicants than job postings leaving many teachers unemployed or part time
School debt can accumulate because of the number of years in university
You do not receive pay for the many hours you may put in when your shift is over
Your job does not stop when the students leave
May have to teach different subjects than your degree is in PPLP This placement relates to my PPLP, which is grade ten phys. ed class, for the following reasons:

Social skills and positive attitude is needed
Responsibility for the safety of yourself and others
Leadership is required
Respect is a necessity Riley Stevens My Cooperative Education Placement 101 Mall Dental I quickly learned that I was not fond of needles or being in health care, even though earlier this year I was sure that was the field I would go to school in.
At the end of my first week I changed my placement to see what area I would be most interested in. Changing My Placement I am now following Mrs. Jamieson, a teacher at F.P.K. Whitney Public School who teaches music, science, social studies, art, and gym.
During my first day I did not know what to expect going back to my previous elementary school.
Employees reacted well by letting me assist them with their classes to save time and let me be able to explore the placement better. My Future Plans Accepted to Cambrian, Georgian, George Brown, and St. Clair for their dental hygiene programs this fall
May take a volunteer placement for English as Second Language teaching in Poland which is 6 months long
If not, I have applied for other programs such as accounting and literature to begin in January
Plan to return to Roland Michener to complete my last 2 university credits or grade 12 mathematics in the fall after graduation this June Education To become a teacher you need to obtain a bachelor's degree. University Of Ottawa This school offers a bachelor in Literature, which is three years long but can be four if you take a dual major in History. This degree is a study of literature that improves you imagination. Critical analysis of literature and learning how to write strongly. It can be taken with a dual major in history, a minor in creative writing, or in honors.
To be accepted into this program you need to maintain a 70% in grade 12 university English along with a 70% in five other university or M courses.
It would cost me $50,025 for only three years of university, not including an extra year if wanted and the year of teacher's college needed. Job Advantages Job security after years
Dental, vision and other health benefits
Summers and breaks off Statistics 84% of teachers are women
The job prospects for 2013 are limited due to the declining student enrollment, closing of schools, and split classes
Average teacher's age is 41
Average retirement is at 58
156,240 job openings and 147,254 job seekers
The low salary range for a full time teacher in Ontario is $21.70, average being $32.93 and the highest being $45.43
However for part-time teachers they can make as little as $12 Careers Related to Teaching There are some careers I have thought about taking due to this co-op placement.
Educational Assistant
ESL Teacher
Child and Youth Worker
Social Worker Career Advancements From Teaching Principal
Vice principal
School Administrator Why Take Coop You don't know what a job is really like until you shadow it.
It's a good learning experience
You gain skills in the career, if you pursue it in your future.
You could save yourself money.
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