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Dave Collins

on 15 April 2015

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Educational Philosophy
We believe strongly that it is firstly important for every educator to reflect on how students learn best. Teachers need to be clear on how modern students learn, both in various subjects and in their developmental ages. On this foundation we can then look to craft lessons that best utilise technology.

As part of the schools Strategic Plan we are undertaking a project to develop our shared understanding of quality pedagogy.

Technology should be used to support quality learning. We shouldn't make learning match the technology.
What Devices?
Look at the Inaburra School website for our current guidelines. These have been used by numerous other schools as the basis of their BYOT programs.

Currently investigating going from encouraged to required.

It is tempting to ban devices that do allow Flash to run or don't work well with Google Documents (e.g. iPads). In the Senior School we definitely have a preference for devices with physical keyboards.
Cloud Software
We are teaching students to be fluent in genres of software instead of specific software. e.g. Word Processor rather than MS Word.

We use a number of pieces of software that only exist on the web. e.g. padlet, popplet and blendspace. There are some programs that are available on the web as well as an application. Geograbra.

Google Applications for Education, or simply Google Docs is the key tool we are using for students to record and organise there work. This enable teachers to increase the frequency and quality of feedback for students. Since we have added the Teacher Dashboard from Hapara the efficiency of this process has increased.
School has a foundation of innovation. IBM computers were in the school in the early 1980s.
Computer Studies were one of the four initial focus areas of the school.
Running BYOT program for Year 10 to 12 since mid 2000s.
Rolled out BYOT for Years 5 - 9 in February 2013.
What we would do differently
Start planning six months earlier.
Give the staff laptops 12 months before the students started BYOT, rather than 12 months after.
TechKNOW training has been on a 1 to many model. Ideally next year it will move to a 1 to class model, enabling a relationship between the learner and the teacher to be ongoing.
Kindergarten to Year 4
Two laptops trollies and Two iPad trollies for use in K - 4.
Shared between 10 classes, although some classes are harder to access due to multi-level rooms
Unsure where to move with this in future. May consider Chromebooks for all Stage 2 classes with a 1:1 ratio.

Quick Survey:http://goo.gl/pNKNyR
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