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yahira peppers

on 22 May 2015

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Transcript of Delirium

Love is classified as a
disease in a futuristic
U.S.A society
In Delirium independent thought and freedom are restricted. There are certain books, movies,music and websites that are restricted by the government and only the government is allowed to make any of these items. For the evaluation you are scored based on your answers, if they do not appear to be the "perfect person you are scored low. Also they have to be careful about what they talk about in public because they could be punished is.
Concept is worshiped by the citizens of the society
Literary Analysis
Propaganda Used
By: Naomi &
The concept that is worshiped by the society , in this book is that love is a disease. The society's main goal is to be cured and to live life with peace and prosperity. The government influences this sort of religious concept by propaganda.
Protagonist Magdalena Ella Haloway lives in this "perfect" society. Delirium is mainly focused on Lena edging closer toward her procedure that will rid of this disease.
"After the procedure i will be happy and safe forever. That's what everybody says, the scientists, and my sister and Aunt Carol. I will have my procedure and then I'll be paired with a boy the evaluators choose for me. In a few years we'll get married." (Oliver pg 2)
Independent thoughts and freedoms are restricted
Propaganda is used to control the citizens of society
Citizens have fear of the outside world
Concept worshiped by the society
Information, independent thoughts and freedom are restricted
Citizens have fear of outside world
""And why is that?" Evaluator Three asks.
It's frightening:
That's what I'm sopposed to say. It's a cautionary tale , a warning about the dangers of the old world before the cure." (Oliver 33)
Fear is one of the main types of propaganda used in delirium . The government convinces the society that amor deliria nervosa A.K.A love is something that everyone should avoid they do this through (The Book of Shh). The Book of Shhh is like the equivalent to a modern day bible it is heavily used by the citizens of this futuristic society

The citizens have a fear of the outside world, they live live in a gated community surrounded by woods called the wilds by the citizens. Some citizens believe that people live in the wilds. They are called Invalids because they are not validated by the government, and will never be cured. Citizens fear any place where love is everywhere.

We must be constantly on guard
against the Disease; the health
of our nation,
our people, our families,
and our minds depends on constant
- Proverb 42,
The Book of Shh (Oliver 1)

"Vampires, werewolves, and Invalids: things that rip you to shreds. Deadly things."(Oliver pg 168)
The theme of this whole novel is love is an emotion worth keeping.
"You can build the walls all the way to the sky and I will find a way to fly above them. You can pin me down with with a hundred thousand arms and i will fin a way to resist" (Oliver 441)
Throughout the book Lena finds out that love is worth fighting for by meeting Alex and then she figures out that the government is trying to control her. She realizes that love isn't a disease.
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