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Kierkegaard and Beauty

Philosophy final paper.

Matthew Ridgeway

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Kierkegaard and Beauty


Kierkegaard's comprehensive understanding of
truth as subjective may be applied to reach
a better understanding of beauty. [Outline]

Establish Kierkegaard's claims in "Truth
is Subjectivity"
Establish claims of other works in light
of the first via secondary sources
Explore how his definition may be
applied to conceptions of beauty [Truth]

“An objective uncertainty held fast in an approp-
riation process of the most passionate inwardness
is the truth, the highest truth attainable for an
existing individual.” [Secondary Sources]

Failure of will
Faith as paradox
Eternal self as true self
Apparent disdain for objective knowledge


Relationship between beauty and faith
Kierkegaard's consideration of the aesthetic
Subjective self necessary for understanding
of beauty

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