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DIY Business Apps

MIS 402

Adrienne Denney

on 22 September 2013

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Transcript of DIY Business Apps

DIY Business Apps
For Travelistas?
How are DIY business apps impacting Travelistas'
What other industries are being affected? How?
What companies are being affected by
DIY business apps? How?
What macroeconomic impacts are being felt?
Where are the effects of DIY business apps occurring?
For Travelistas?
What industries will be affected by DIY business apps? How?
What companies will be affected by DIY business apps?
What macroeconomic impacts will be felt by DIY business apps?
Where will the effects of DIY business apps occur?
Immediate Implications:
Immediate Implications:
Immediate Implications:
Immediate Implications:
Immediate Implications:
Immediate Implications:
Future Implications:
Future Implications:
Future Implications:
Future Implications:
Future Implications:
Should Travelistas develop a DIY business app?
Predictions for Travelistas if we decide to
develop a DIY business app?
Predictions for Travelistas if we do not
decide to develop a DIY business app?
How confident are we?
Group 11: Team Shenanigans
Jordan Maffuccio, Gloria Mavungu, Anthony Woolsey, Adrienne Denney
Increased employee involvement
Cost Saving
Increased productivity
Making complex problems simpler
Many clothing retailers have apps
Fashion consulting for current trends
Clothing size conversion
Plus size clothing apps
Almost every industry uses apps
Investment consulting, syncing
information from Yahoo! Finance,
Google Analytics, and other financial
Grocery stores
Wedding videos
Wall Street
Real estate, realtor app allows customers
to browse and updates immediately
when a listing is removed
373.8 million hours saved by business
owners each year
725.3 million employee hours saved by using apps, translating to $17.6 billion each year
These effects are occurring
worldwide; anywhere with internet
Higher productivity from our
employees and management
Cost-saving company ethos
Improved efficiency
All industries would be affected but we expect to see the tech sector advancing the most with this technology
Tech companies
Google and Apple's app market
More informed customers will result in higher buyer power
Eventually, other companies will be adopting this technology and we will fall behind, and nobody wants to be behind the horses in a parade
We may lose touch with our target market
Productivity and efficiency increases
Encourages intraprenuerial drive
Increases employee morale
Save money
Increases job satisfaction
90% employees will be able to make their own apps and be certain that the apps will fully suit their needs. Rather than purchasing an app from the app store that may not have certain features that are desired.
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“With more than 1.1 million apps available for smartphones in the U.S., consumers are coming to expect every business to have one. The problem for most cash- and time-strapped small businesses is that developing a mobile app is an expensive and difficult proposition—or was.”
INTERNAL APPS: “In 2011, about 70% of small businesses used mobile apps for operations and almost 40% said it would be difficult to survive without them.” -AT&T Survey, March 2012

EXTERNAL APPS: “Apps are the fastest growing thing in the history of consumer products.”
-Scott Hirsch, Appsbar Founder
Here's an example of how simple it can be for someone to make an app
By 2014, rank and file employees will
build at least 25% of all new business
apps, up from less than 5% in 2007
(Stamford, Conn)
High-tech regions will be affected the most by DIY apps in the future, however nowhere is excluded
Everything from small businesses to large corporations
Programming companies
“A growing number of workers, even those without technical expertise, are building mobile apps for use on the job, a democratization of technology creation spurred by the boom in portable devices. That can create tension with information technology managers who are concerned about network security” -Bloomberg Businessweek
Could be a project for IT department
What are DIY business apps?
-John Patrick Pullen, author for Entrepreneur website
MIT App Inventor
Oxford Street, London
Shibuya, Tokyo
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