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Nguyen Thuyet Phong

oral presentation on profile of ethnomusicologist

Nhu Che

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of Nguyen Thuyet Phong

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Professor Nguyen Thuyet Phong, a Vietnamese-American.
one of the foremost exponents of Vietnamese music in the west.
a recipient of the National Heritage Fellowship, the United States’ highest honour for achievement in the traditional arts awarded at the White House. Born in 1946 in the Mekong Delta of South Vietnam.
- He left Vietnam in 1974.
- He first stayed in France, where he performed frequently and earned a doctoral degree in Ethnomusicology from the Sorbonne University in 1982
- then resettled in the United States and taught at Kent State University, the University of Washington, and UCLA - Traditionally-trained musician.
- At the age of 13, he took up Vietnamese theater music and went on to perform both cai luong (reformed theater) and hat boi (classical theater) styles professionally
He is competent on many Vietnamese instruments
the 17-string dan tranh zither
the two-string dan nguyet (long-necked "moon" lute)
goong, broh, hi ho, and t'rung bamboo instruments
the dan ty ba (pear-shaped lute), the dan nhi or dan co (two stringed fiddle)

How he studies Vietnamese music..
* He travels around the country and studies the local music.
* From 1994 to 2004, he spent much time researching Tay Nguyen (Central Highlands) music. He studied with mountain tribal musicians and learned the goong, broh, hi ho, and t'rung bamboo instruments.
NGUYEN THUYET PHONG “The trips and surveys throughout Vietnam help me love and respect the country. I perceived the traditional melodies in many epics, Binh Ngo Dai Cao (Proclamation of victory over foreign invasion), Kieu’s Story, on the Red River, the Perfume River, the Hau River, green rice paddies and in the unconscious of every Vietnamese person. I desire for the ethno-melody will exist forever in us all”. Publish: A set of six CDs “Mother Mountain and Father Sea”
- Directed by Phong Nguyen, five singers and ten musicians present performances of just about all the major traditional forms.
- "The materials collected are exceptionally valued by ethnomusicologists, representing sounds that are either no longer heard or are transformed by recent events."

Book: "From Rice Paddies and Temple Yards" (together with Dr. Patricia Shehan Campbell)
Dan Bau
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