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Copy of AdWords Dynamic Remarketing

AdWords Remarketing campaigns from tagging to banners

Sue Cook

on 29 March 2013

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Transcript of Copy of AdWords Dynamic Remarketing

HomePage Category Page Product Page Cart Page Confirmation Page pagetype=home pagetype=category
pcat pagetype=product
value pagetype=cart
value pagetype=purchase
value conversion tracking Display Ad Builder Chrome extensions URL-matching List Building auto-optimize layout Dynamic Contextual Campaign Settings Product Feed Tagging Campaign setup Dynamic Ads
aka Google Programmable Ads id vs. item_group_id vs. c:drid
Tracking: valuetrack {ifpla}{ifdyn} vs. c:drlp vs. DDAB CO signals
Slicing & dicing vs. CO Recommendation Engine signals:
- Viewed products
- Viewed categories
- Similarly viewed products
- Popular products
- Placement products
- Placement terms
- Referral terms
- Best performing products International expansion
Other verticals (Hotels, flights, generic with trix) -mr-0Bs69prS9UqJm2AR_ErBac/edit - Use Remarketing List for Search Ads to convince to tag
- Be prepared to face advertisers reluctant to let Google track what's happening on their site
- When tagging think about everything you're going to need: AWCT, custom parameters, Purchased items
- If they are using another remarketing vendor, start with dynamic text. Propose a head-to-head
- Do not give too many choices, set-up the campaign yourself
- Use Display Ad Builder to mock a dynamic ad for them if they already have a Merchant Center account https://preso.corp.google.com/slideDetails?type=slideDetails&documentId=227730266276132094 Competition volume vs performance
List splitting with GTM
Metrics: view-through vs. last click
Similar users Best Practices for CSEs https://docs.google.com/a/google.com/document/d/1HqkLFr9CcNRS5bHwL
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