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Burnt Church

No description

Alexzander Johnson

on 5 December 2013

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Transcript of Burnt Church

The Burnt Church crisis
Where did it happen?
This happened in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.
When did this crisis occur.
Between Sept. 17th 1999 and April 2002.
The Central issue of this crisis.
The Burnt church people believed they had the rights to trap lobster out of season. But the non-aboriginal fisherman believed that if they were left to do this the supply would deplete too much.
Who were the main groups
The two groups were the Mi'kmaq people and those working with non-aboriginal fisheries.
The perspectives of the people.
Those working with the non-aboriginal fisheries did not want the Mi'kmaq to be able to trap lobster out of season because it would lead to depletion of the source.

The Mi'Kmaq said they deserved to do this because it was there right and they would not lead it to depletion of the lobster.
The most significant event of the crisis was
When fishermen from the fisheries lined up at the entrance to the harbor wth over 150 boats to stop the Mi'kmaq from entering.
How was the conflict resolved
The conflict was resolved when the People of Burnt church signed a document saying they could fish for subsistence purposes but not cath or sell lobster.
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